Looking for answers

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Looking for answers

Postby Kizzybeads » Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:26 am

Hi my name is Karen
I'm from Daventry
I am, right now, laying in bed trying to fight off another wave of depression caused by many things...one of which is what is causing me so much pain. I've had MRIs, conductivity tests and many appointments with my neurologist ..MS has been ruled out but the myriad of symptoms are still here. I'm on gabapentin but that makes me feel worse so I'm waiting to get pregabelin instead. Could FM be the cause?
By the way, there's much more to me than just my illness, so let's get to know each other!
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Re: Looking for answers

Postby LindyM66 » Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:23 pm

Hiya Karen,

I'm Lindy, and I live just outside of Glasgow, Scotland. I truly relate to how you feel. I was diagnosed with FM last year, after numerous GP/hospital appointments. Around March of this year, I had a fall, and couldn't get back up, the pain all over was severe, my memory was shot to hell. I was off work for a week short of 6 months!
During that time, I had neurology appointments, MRI, psychological testing. Like you, MS was ruled out. The neurologist, who was absolutely fantastic, increased my Gabapentin from 300mgs x 3 daily, to 600mgs x 3 daily. This has made such a difference to the pain levels. I take this along with 100mgs of tramadol, and inbetween doses, I take 400mgs of ibruprofen. I'm fortunate that this cocktail helps for now.
I also use a Medipen. If you haven't heard of it, google it. This is being trialled by NHS at the moment. I find it very helpful, and use it on particularly bad days, along with my meds. I'be found it great, and not only does it help with pain, it makes a difference to my overall feeling of well-being.
Your symptoms sound all too familiar, and could very well be FM - especially if other conditions have been ruled out. Have you seen a Rheumotologist?

Sending you hugs, Karen. Remember, this phase will pass.

Much Love
Lindy x
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