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PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:26 pm
by Roselil
hello fibro-sufferers, it has been sometime since I have written. Life with pain gets no easier, but I am wondering if anyone has taken Turmeric and found it helpful. My daughter wanted me to try it, as she has found such an increase in her energy levels, but she does not have fibromyalgia, but she is a teacher and has to stand all day, and she does a great deal of walking, of necessity. Also has anyone tried the massage oil, Cannol? I am using this just now, as am in terrible pain in legs, hips and lower back, can hardly put my feet to the floor. I know of someone who had severe neck/shoulder/back pain, which no drugs eased, but the Cannol oil massage did! We ever look for anything which might just give us some relief. sincerely, Roselil