hi everyone - newly diagnosed today.

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hi everyone - newly diagnosed today.

Postby tiggers-friend » Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:16 pm

hi everyone.

after years of telling people there was something wrong with me, and two years battling neurologists and doctors, and everyone telling me it was a mental health condition, i have finally been told today by my rheumatologist that i have fibromyalgia. it is such a relief to actually know as i can now access support and knowledge from people who know much more than me like your good selves. i have been so scared for so long that i was going mad, that now i know i can start to adjust to life knowing what i am facing, if that makes sense...

i have been on 6 tramadol tablets a day and co-codomol, and they have been doing nothing for my pain, so it has been quite a frustrating time. i am now looking forward to being reffered to a pain clinic who can hopefully help me with something that helps better, and help me to learn to live with my condition.

i am looking forward to learning anything i can, and look forward to being on this journey with everyone here.

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Re: hi everyone - newly diagnosed today.

Postby *Lisa* » Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:24 am

Hi & welcome :welcome: to the forum.

A great place for information, support and advice. Lots of information available across the boards. There is a search bar at the top of the page if you wish to look further into anything you need to know as well as replies to your posts.

It can be a long journey of finding the pain relief that suits your symptoms. Not everyone is the same meaning most people have different pain management plans.

The pain clinic will see what meds you have already tried and what did/ didn’t help and start you on something they feel may benefit. These are mainly medications like lyrica, gabapentin, duloxitine, amitriptyline and pain killers. They will go by your symptoms as most peoples primary symptoms can differ.

Pain clinic should also advise on therapies like CBT in chronic pain, any clinics in your area that specialise in fibro (although not many around) therapies like a referral to physiotherapists who will give you the basic tools to help manage stiffness like stretching exercises.

In the beginning it maybe a merry go round of trying meds until one suits you. Not one drug will take away all of the pain but some will to a manageable level. It’s finding the right one for you.

In my 20 years of fibro and back conditions I have found a combination of meds, therapies and treatments work together which benefit me more although you will have to learn things like your limitations, pacing, triggers and much more which CBT can help. If you don’t have CBT then you will learn on your own from what your body tells you.

Hope the appointment goes well.
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