Recently diagnosed with cfs/me and fm please help :)

Any tips on what helps you including alternative medicine.

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Recently diagnosed with cfs/me and fm please help :)

Postby Puddycat » Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:44 pm

Can anyone help or point me in the right direction. I was wondering if there is anything I can take out or introduce into my diet to help with my cfs/me and fm. Thanks in advance for your replies :smile:
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Re: Recently diagnosed with cfs/me and fm please help :)

Postby pugbear » Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:00 am

Hi Puddycat
Like you i have recently been diagnosed and am in the process of researching diets, suppliments, exercise and anything else that will help me to remain semi- independent....
So far i have decided that due to having a low vitamin D result form my blood tests that i will look at what suppliments are on the market. Diet wise, i have heard that a low or zero gluten intake may help, so again, i am looking in to this. Exercise, i am looking at swimming as researce has suggested that it may be the best thing, due to it not being a weight baring exercise?? So far i have not put any of these in to practice as i am still working full time and therefore sleep most evenings and all weekend!!!!! However i will soon finish for the summer holidays ( i am a lecturer in college and so get a generous summer holiday) So my plans are to get this week over with and then put my research in to practice!!!
Sorry i am not a great deal of help, but as i said i am still trying to get my head around this myself!!
You have joined an amazing forum tho and the people on here really do have some amazing advice...
Good luck
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Re: Recently diagnosed with cfs/me and fm please help :)

Postby TATT » Fri Jul 13, 2012 10:02 am


I have both and I have cut out caffeine and cut back on processed foods and don't eat white bread etc.

I also make green smoothies which is in a blender 2 types of dark greens leaves and 3 types of fruit. Blend with water and I also add in kelp and alfalfa.

If you go on you tube type in green smoothies and there is a wealth of them to try. They are feeding my body raw fruit and veg and I believe with this and the above it's helping my fatigue.

It also actually makes me look really healthy skin nail hair wise and get p :swear1: d at people who come round and say oh but you look so well, (strange confused are you sure you are unwell look)

Can't win x
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