Pain, Pain, Pain, Pain and yet more Pain

Any tips on what helps you including alternative medicine.

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Pain, Pain, Pain, Pain and yet more Pain

Postby ultra60 » Mon Oct 22, 2012 5:38 pm

I am now at the point where the pain is constant and never lets up, I am on so many tablets and also morphine patches.
It is usually just about bearable but at times my family has to watch me crying in pain for days when it becomes unbearable. I cannot bear to be touched, which makes it very difficult for my long suffering but wonderful wife to help me or ever just cuddle me when im crying as it adds to the pain. I did try physio many years ago and found that i couldnt get through one session and had to leave in severe pain. I have tried some Herbal pain relief but it had no effect at all. I use a walking stick within the house and on chronic days use my wheelchair, I have to use the wheelchair outside the house as i have falls all the time so aerobic exercise is impossible now even though i do try to walk as much as my body will allow within the house to get some exercise.

Has anyone got any ideas that i can try to relieve the amount of pain that im in all the time. I hate being so reliant on my wife to dress, cook, we have had to buy my wheelchair and recently a bath chair as i could no longer get in and out of the bath with help so needed more. My wife wants to have lifeline put into the house for when i fall and im in the house alone, which i am most days.
Ive only just celebrated my 40th birthday this year and feel too young to be in this physical mess and loosing my memory!!!!! I would love to be able to even walk the dogs with my wife sometimes or take my 11 year old to the museums as he would like and as a mum should do!
:-D :-P :-D :-P :-D :-P :-P
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Re: Pain, Pain, Pain, Pain and yet more Pain

Postby *Lisa* » Tue Oct 23, 2012 7:56 pm


There is nothing that can take away the pain but alot of things to try and help your restricted mobility and maybe ease some pain with it like massage.

Physio if your very skin sensitive in your case was too harse but maybe try a gentle massage?? this regularly can help a little, it can ease some stiffness and help mobility.

Hydrotherapy is another gentle therapy recommended for fibros, again to help aid mobility and ease stiffness.

Its a trial and error stage as what helps one may not another.

Other therapies like acupunture may help all of these with your tablets conbined may help the pain.

Have you seen the pain clinic? im sure they have many therapies on offer or can change your meds :?:

Instead of aeorobic exercise the main one for fibros is pilates as this is gentle. see here ... lates.html

(good website to search for info on therapies and pain relief also)
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Re: Pain, Pain, Pain, Pain and yet more Pain

Postby ultra60 » Sun Oct 28, 2012 7:42 pm

Thanks for your suggestions :-D
I did go to the pain clinic for some time but they couldnt help with the level of skin sensitivity that I have. They had me trial many things, massage being one but i cannot tolerate even the lightest touch at times, they did tell me that it was quite a common symptom but I have it to the extreme, Fibro has the nickname of "Death by 1000 Needles".

I do take 4 different tablets to try to control the Nerve sensitivity and Restless legs which jolt reasonably constantly of their own vilition. I know that the USA is far more advanced with treating this Syndrome and also recogise it as a serious Illness and sufferers are treated accordingly as opposed to here where its common to be told that "its in your Head" and "just get on with it" , If i had the means I would go there for treatment so as not to spend years on so many tablets you could open a pharmacy lol.

Wishing everyone well and a not too Painful Winter :-P
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Re: Pain, Pain, Pain, Pain and yet more Pain

Postby *Hope* » Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:44 pm

You may have already tried this so apologies if you have....I was in a terrible state at the beginning of the year, someone suggested that I try a wheat free diet and although it didn't rid me of pain it did dramatically reduce the amount of pain I'm in. If I fall off the wagon so to speak I can feel the pain levels increase pretty rapidly. Hth's xx
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Re: Pain, Pain, Pain, Pain and yet more Pain

Postby Flash » Mon Oct 29, 2012 12:04 am

Hope, the wheat free diet is hard to keep up with but you're right. It dose help with some of the pain especially that caused by digestive problems, IBS that accompany F/M.

Ultra60, you're right about the USA treating F/M seriously and as an illness rather than a psycological problem. I have read a lot from US specialists, and started to look into different areas. The US specialists have said that a certain nerve in the back of the neck can be injured through life, main cause, whip lash. Then I read elsewhere that the vagus nerve, which travals from the brain down to the colon, can be damaged in many ways, whiplash, viral infection, operation on the stomache, digestive disorders etc. The symptoms of V/N damage are same as F/M. Put the two topics together and they seem like one and the same.
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Re: Pain, Pain, Pain, Pain and yet more Pain

Postby LESLEEE » Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:44 pm

Hi, I dont know if it will work for everyone, but after I had a blood test it came back that my vitamin D level was 51, which was very low, I needed injections but as they are not available in the UK, I went to our main health shop. H & B and bought 25ug of Vitamin D.
After taking it for some time the pains halved, and my level went up to 85, my doctor was very happy with me and said she would get some her self. If I forget to take it the pains come back. I have a very dry throat most of the time, which causes me to cough, can anyone help with that.
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