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Re: Warm Home Discount

Postby millymoodoo » Thu Dec 27, 2012 4:01 pm

I know what you mean ISM i think a lot of us have the heating on less than we really should do which wont help us with the fibro!! Its bad that only some of the energy companies do this offer they should all be the same, maybe its time to change as this offer is on for 4 years. It really doesnt look like we will be getting any cold weather payments either this year, up to now it has gone below freezing for 6 days in a row and it needs to be 7, 7 days is a long time for it to below freezing!!!! This £130 is going to be such a big help!!! ISM you could always tell your supplier that you are thinking of leaving because they dont participate in this bonus!!!! I am on a fixed rate contract with british gas for both gas and electric and my bills have never been as low which means i dont have to panic about keeping my home warm. Keeping warm is a neccesity not a luxury and yet there are people that are scared to use their heating due to cost which is so wrong.

Millyxxx :-)
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Re: Warm Home Discount

Postby suebeat » Tue Jan 01, 2013 10:07 pm

i applied last year and was awarded it have applied again this year, am awaiting result but I was notified originally by EDF thru mailshot. They sent me an automatic application this year. did it all on line. shame on companies not telling their customers about its availability.
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Re: Warm Home Discount

Postby LouLou » Thu Jan 10, 2013 3:57 pm

Hi everyone

Was just having a bit of a wonder through the forums and came across this thread. About 2 years ago my parents brought us a calor gas fire as I wouldn't put the heating on a lot because of high bills etc. The actual fire cost about £100, it's quite small and sleek and a bottle of gas costs about £15-£30 depending on the size. We have the bigger one and have it on for quite a few hours each day and find a bottle lasts about 6-8 weeks. We only have a small house so having the fire on heats every where up nicely, especially if I leave the upstairs doors open. Plus I don't have the added worry, constantly thinking "how long has the heating been on?" "How much is it costing me?"

This has truly been a Godsend to us and I've found that our energy bills have really come down since using it. I don't claim any benefits as yet, we only just get by so any increase in bills really hits us.

Just wanted to post this as an idea for anyone who is struggling to keep their homes warm enough for their needs. I just make sure I open a few windows for a bit once a week to let some fresh air in but other than that it's been a lifesaver.

I hope that helps someone out there.
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