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Postby mamamaka » Thu May 14, 2015 6:58 pm

Hi everyone, I had a brainwave earlier and was wondering if anyone had ever had the same thought or had even tried juicing with fibro? A while ago I lost quite a bit of weight and felt really good when I done a Jason Vale juice detox followed by a raw food diet. ... but it was very expensive to be that healthy so found it very easy to slip back into old ways. .... Now I'm wondering if juicing would have any totally beneficial side effects even if it was just to start the day?
Anyone got any positive stories where the benefits have totally out weighed the cost? I'm sick of feeling like my granny is healthier than me a at the age of 92.....50 years my senior :(
If not juicing then any supplements that have improved the pain of fibro. ...I want to enjoy my life somehow rather than just cope! !
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Re: juicing?

Postby FluppyPuffy » Thu May 14, 2015 8:09 pm

Not sure what happened with your posts but there were three identical ones, so to save on the chaos and confusion that inevitably follows with duplicated topics, I've removed the extra ones, leaving just the one active topic.

Have you tried using the Search box in the top right corner of the page??? There have been a few mentions of juicing on here, so having a looky for them and seeing what has been previously asked and said might be somewhere for you to start off xx
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Re: juicing?

Postby carolad » Fri May 15, 2015 8:13 pm

I think it is better to eat the entire fruits and vegetables, rather than juicing them - that way you get the fibre, as well as all the nutrients. That will fill you up more too, so that's good if you want to lose weight. :-)
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Re: juicing?

Postby Gracious » Sat May 16, 2015 2:40 am

Juice fast/feast, means you are removing vital foods from your diet, proteins which contain necessary Vitamin D and B12 which are important to fibro suffers. The lack of fiber leads to constipation, Having done a juice fast myself, the cost is extortionate (your easily out £20 per day to create 2-3 litres of juice), but there were other issues like how it affects your pacing levels, expect increased fatigue and pain.

You have to take into account pacing, shopping, collecting and carrying fruit and veg, heavy bags and every other day trips to shops to get fresh veg. Second the food preparation, washing and cutting and then juicing. High usage of upper body and standing, so you have to take that into consideration with pacing too. Then cleaning all the equipment you used ready for the next juice prep session.

Juicies should be made up of 20% fruit and 80% veg, to keep the sugar and calorie content low and the nutrient levels high. I think if you were looking to do juicing once a day, I would recommend doing a green juice, not as a breakfast, lunch or dinner, as it should never substitute a meal, but a green juice at say 11am is a good snack alternative. But if you eat lots of greens in your meals then you dont need to be juicing.

I felt no benefit for juice fasting, with my fibro, infact I became extremely ill, and my body pain levels went through the roof because of all the prep and lack of protein. Despite making sure ever juice I made was to aid in consitpation be it an orange, yellow, red, purple or green juice, I was unable to go to the toilet the whole time. I also suffered abdominal swelling and cramps, wind, dizziness,headaches, weakness, muscle spasms, aching and crippling fatigue too. Now considering I have enough of these symptoms with my Fibro, I did not see the need in the end to make them worse and so stoppped juice fasting when I became bed bound as a result. I went back to my high protein, low carb, lots green veg and berries. I'll treat myself occasionally to green juice, which tastes green in ever way...like fresh cut grass with a hint of lemon or ginger...but I like the bitter grassy taste :shock: .

I think its better to eat the veg in its true form and instead look more at how it should be prepared to give you the most nutrients from it, after all some veg it better raw, others need warmed to release there true nutrient potiential. I think the odd juice is okay and smoothies too, but just watch your not putting too much fruit in, thats where the sugar and calories are, stick to lemon,lime and berry type fruits to keep the sugars and calories low.

Asda are currently selling juices £2 for 250ml bottle, but the split is more 10% veg and 90% fruit, but it lets you try them out, before going to the point of investing in a juicer and buying loads of fruit and veg. I think a better juice supplier is B.fresh juices, heres the link http://www.b-fresh.co.uk/ again its £2 a bottle, but they are more 80% veg and 20% fruit.

This was just my experience, I know others will have tried juicing and raw food or vegi diets and they have excelled on them as its worked for their body type. We are all biological different and I think my body personally works better with higher levels of lean protein, but I am prone to Vitamin D deficieny so that may explain why juicing did not suit me.

In regards weightloss, I did lose some water weight, but the minute you return to eating a balance healthy diet, your weight returns to your norm.

Hope this is of some help

With loving kindness
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RE: Itching and water bills

Postby mummyto2d » Sat May 16, 2015 8:45 am

Hi.. The past few days I have had a horrible itch all over my body which just won't go does any one else suffer with this? Also I don't no how many people are aware that if you are with affinity water and probably most other water companies you can have your water bills reduced if you have hot baths to relief your pain? I've recently filled in forms and got a letter off my doctor because i have 1-2 really hoy baths a day to ease my pain slightly so my water bill should be atleaSt halved :) there's a form called sure water that you will find on there website to fill in print it out and send it in with documents asked for :)
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Re: itching and water bills

Postby mgasg1 » Mon Feb 22, 2016 1:03 am

Hi there

Could you advise me please in which section on affinity water I can find it? I have the same problem, and excessive sweating so need to take a shower few times a day and wash my clothes like a newborn:-) would be rally grateful for more info.

Thank you
Maggie :-)
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Re: juicing?

Postby FMNewbie » Sun Jul 03, 2016 10:05 pm

I do juice plus and it works for me

Lost 2 stone in 16 weeks

Less flare ups and no IBS symptoms

2 home made shakes a day and meal at night plus lots of water

If you want info I can put you in touch with my rep
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