feeling unwell veins like thin lines then too big

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feeling unwell veins like thin lines then too big

Postby terryann » Thu Jul 16, 2015 1:41 pm

help is this a Fybro thing or not ?
my Dr blames everything on my Fybro !!!

its not only in the hot weather this happens to me , i feel really ill and my veins all vanish into thin lines i go all dizzy have blotchy vision and i feel totally washed out, later on my veins go the opposite way they get too big, i feel cold inside but i'm sweating outside and the veins in my head feel like they are gonna explode . the drs say veins doing this is normal i know this happens to everyone my issue is why i feel so ill as it happens as this happens several times a day and it has been for several months now !!

I also had a stroke in 2013 due to a blood clot i'm not too bad regained most of my fybro strength which is not a lot, slight limp tho and my short term memory is bad . is this common to fybro sufferers or am i just unlucky as im only 35 and a man so it took 10+ yrs to get diagnosed with fybro .

i have lots of health issues as you know fibro likes to be lots of illnesses just to keep us on our toes so everything gets put down to this .from IBS to food intolerances mainly lactose, dairy, poultry, wheat, gluten, tomatoes etc.lots of meds i cant take as they contain LACTOSE my wife had to look up all meds as dr and consultant kept giving me meds i cant take . diverticular disease , migrains , heart palpitations , heart attack like symptoms , aswell as stroke ones ,in constant pain it never stops ,anxiety and depression as i want to go out but to ill all the time , on the flip side feeling ok to go out then having to go back home as my fybro has kicked back in again and i feel really ill , lack of sleep due to pain and cronic fatigue fall asleep anywhere cant be woken up for hours , and the latest one feeling like ants crawling in my veins .

thank you Fybro you truly are the disease that keeps on giving :(
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