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Udo's Oil?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 4:13 pm
by Morrigan
Just wondering if anyone has tried this (or other Omega oil supplements) and noticed an improvement in any of their symptoms?

I am vegan so I probably haven't been getting enough of these oils, so past few days been taking the Udo's oil to see if it might help with my now overwhelming fatigue.

So any experiences? :)

Re: Udo's Oil?

PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 9:11 am
by Jull
At first I read your post and I feel familiar and then I remember meeting a beautiful woman with beautiful skin before. I asked her secret to have this flawless skin and then she said that she was using udo's oil. Here is it: one tablespoon of the liquid form with a piece of pineapple every morning and her skin looks incredible. She also told me it could be use in smoothies (??) and cooked meals.
The key is keep it in cool places. it will no longer be the healthy oil if contact the heat or sun.
That's all I know :p