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Save your spoons

PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 8:36 pm
by fibrochick888
Hiya All

We all know what life is like when we don't have enough energy to cope with daily life and with the pain and fatigue things can go really sour into a downward spirral, so here is my list of useful things that are great for spoonies and money saving and spoon saving.

1. If you have to do a lot of typing for work or at home, rather than trying to type it all out, invest in software called Dragon Naturally Speaking it's quite expensive but it is well worth the money in the end, you can get access to work grant from the government to pay for the costs of the software. You naturally speak into the computer and it will dictate the message/email or report for you on to word.

2. Always have with you in your bag, some painkillers, mobile phone, daily essentials, wipes, tissues and think of everything you need and always put house keys/car keys in one place to save time and energy in the morning.

3. We all know what it's like when we are out and about and we trying phone someone and our mobile battery dies, how awful and its happened countless times to me? So why not purchase a portable charger for emergencies only, you simply charge it home on USB port and whenever your mobile is running really low and you are out to charge it up.

4. If you are flat-footed please take advantage of NHS or private chiropodists and get some innersoles for your feet, that's one less pain you want to deal with on daily basis and always have spares.
5. We all know the feeling right, we need some milk, bread etc and we don't have enough energy or time in the day to spare? So why not take advantage of your local cost-cutter round the corner?
6. If you are like me you have the foggy brain moments, make use of your mobile's calendar, reminders, to do list and other aids on your mobile or tablet to help you out, i always make a note on my mobile for shopping when I am out.

7. If you are struggling to write text messages, emails etc on your mobile or tablet. Make use of Siri dictation, simply press the little mic near space bar and dictate yourr messages or simply write drafts of texts frequently used text messages for those days when you cannot text.

8. Make use of friendly neighbours, kids or people close by for support for errands, picking up groceries, post and walking the dog/feeding animals. They can be greatest of support when you are unwell.

9. Write down on a piece of paper or used envelope - what you have to go to do today and make plans on how you are going to do it and it needs to be moved for another day.

10. Rest as much as you can when you need it and listen to your body

11. Stay away from daytime tv if you want to keep your sanity

12. Buy in bulk in supermarkets/pound shops things you use regularly - washing up liquid, dog/cat food, dishwasher tablets, you may have a load of stuff but you never know when you are going to need it and when your energy is gonna drop and will save you money. No-one wants to run out of energy midway through a cycle and have to pop the grocery store in the freezing cold with no car and no energy.

13. Get a bus pass or discounted rail ticket

14. Most cinemas have discounts for disabled guests, so why not ask them?

15. If you have s student in your household, see if they have an NUS card

16. Sign up to various discount websites, coupons etc

17. Get a medipen, if you are like men you need that pain relief but you are running low on painkillers or you are maxed out or you need that quick pain-relief, go on the internet and search for medipen with cbd oil in and vape as if it's ordinary vape. It doesn't matter if you are not a smoker and won't interfere with other meds and is natural, non-addictive and doesn't have psychoactive THC in.

If you have any other other tips feel free to contribute