Extra sensitivity to pain? Eek! tattoo!

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Extra sensitivity to pain? Eek! tattoo!

Postby Kat » Wed Mar 15, 2006 1:43 pm

Well, here's something that's worrying me just a bit (hah):

I hear that FMS causes increased sensitivity to pain (amongst other things, of course). Now, I was a dancer for eleven years, I'm no stranger to pain and I can cope with it fine (as I'm sure we all can, after all, we get plenty of practice, don't we? :D) but there is one thing really, really worrying me.

A tattoo.

I've always had a problem with needles, ever since I was tiny. And since the Mysterious Pains started (about two years ago) I've had numerous blood tests (side not: does anyone else have trackmarks in their arms from all the bloodtests? Trackmarks! Alright, so they're little, but they still count) and every sing time, without fail, I've gone wobbly. For anyone who's ever fainted/passed out, it's exactly like that, but without the unconsciousness.

It's really come to a head when you look so ill the overstretched NHS nurses keep you in their room for half an hour or so telling you things like "You've got beautiful eyes" and so on, to try and make you feel better.

Anyways, I decided that with one thing and another, a tattoo is the thing to get. Face my needle-shaped fear, and all that, right? Except, now I'm rather worried that I'll be letting myself in for a whole unimaginable pain. Because they hurt anyway, but I'm worried that this is _really_ going to hurt. Like vomit-inducing hurt.

So, anyone with FMS had a tattoo since they had it? Anyone with any cheerful tips on dealing with it? Only I've had the design drawn for ages, it's incredibly meaningful to me. It's very important to me that I do this :)

[EDIT] Sorry for the length, but it's what you do with it that counts ;)
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Postby IanR » Wed Mar 15, 2006 3:20 pm

sorry but to me thats one hell of an extream way to get over a phobia which to is what you seem to have

personally i would try something else like acupunture that way you get the needle and also if it works {waiting for apointment for acupuncture from the pain clinic} you will get some pain relife as well killing 2 birds with 1 stone :lol: :lol: :lol:

getting a tattoo your putting yourself through unneeded extra pain and marked as a reminder of the pain a needel can give you so may make your phobia worse

sorry for being negative on this one but thought my honest opinion would be better :wink:

final decission is yours maybe others can be more possative on this for you

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tattoo or not tattoo

Postby angel_on_fire » Wed Mar 15, 2006 3:33 pm


I also have needle phobia but i find the more blood tests etc i have (and thats a fair few now!) the easier it gets - i also find if u use a prober plebotomist (proper blood taker person) rather than a practice nurse/ doctor it doesnt hurt half as much!

As for tattoos i had one about 6 years ago and it really hurt but the needle didnt honestly bother me too much - it doesnt really go into you like a normal needle it just scratches the skin (which is more irritating than painful - depending on how sensitive the area being tattoed)

If you are sure u want to get it done then take a supportive friend, talk to the tattoist before to make sure they are the friendly type (they are used to people - mainly men apparently! - fainting or whatever)

It will hurt but it wasnt as bad i thought it would be - but i didnt know i had fms then + i think it would hurt me more now as my pain tolerance is pretty rubbish now
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Postby shaz35 » Fri Mar 24, 2006 2:33 pm

Hello just to let you know my partner is an excellent tattooist and has tattoed people with a number of conditions ms blood disorders etc. I recently had a large tattoo started on my shoulder/arm I personally found that since being in daily pain the tattoo really didnt bother me even to the extent that it stopped my shoulder hurting for a week or 2 ...and i have major problems with my neck and shoulders. Find a tattooist who is clean and has certificates up talk to them about their sterilisation process and ask to see the new needles they should be clept in a sterilise box and heat sealed closed.
Spend sometime talking to the tattooist and expalin how you feel a good tattooist will alow the time and space that you need to prepare for it and also will stop if you ask them and let ypou have a glass of water. My partner has a continuous supply of lollies as these take your mind of the actually tattooing he will also let you take a cd in of ur favourite music and he burns oils to help u relax.Yes tattoos do hurt but its not like having injections or blood taken. good luck and if u want further info please feel free to msn me
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