Shower...and loo

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Shower...and loo

Postby Ange » Mon Nov 16, 2009 12:57 pm

It's been quite a while since I could get into the bath and get out again....I used to get stuck and ended up staying in there till the water went cold and I had no choice but to go through the pain abrrier to get out...

But don't think I'm a grubby soul, cos I shower now...:):)

Anyway, unable to find any sort of bath aid that I felt would support me enough as I step out of the bath after showering, I came up with a cunning plan...:)

I have my floor mop at the side of the bath, and I hold onto that as I get out. Pretty secure, as a damp mop won't go anywhere, even on tiles...:)

And I have stopped trying to get downstairs to the loo in the night....I've got myself a commode...never thought I would have one, but got it for a few quid on ebay...brand new only used once wicker chair one...and it's worth it's weight in gold...:)

Ang x
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Re: Shower...and loo

Postby anne1206 » Mon Nov 16, 2009 3:08 pm

Just goes to show how adaptable us fibromites are eh :clap: :clap: as we speak my hubby is fashioning some wood to raise the level of our settee because I am struggling to get up and down, have tried a cushion and even my memory foam pillow, which was realy comfy but still a struggle.
Occupational therapist offered us things like elephant trunks to raise it but because of the style of settee they wouldnt work.
Good on you Ange for finding your own solution.

Take care anne :hugs: :hugs: :grouphug:
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