Any tips on what helps you including alternative medicine.

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Postby whiterabbit2009 » Thu Jan 19, 2012 12:28 am

As some one with fibro who went from sticks to scooters and now a powered wheelchair I can understand how difficult it can be , first there's ignorance as you have to ask people to move out of the way and then there's getting in and out of shops most are ok but some have no hint of what the d.d.a act is .
I have found that a smile a polite voice gets me far (unless your at a petrol station ) as some ass comes up the ass of my van and I can't get out of it which means they have to reverse , and then there's now my dr who now says I should not be in a chair but walking and has put me on phyiso again and next week hydro therapy which I've had before but no help.
All fibro suffers know that each day can be different , some like me find it so painfully to walk a distance of a few feet hurts my back , neck well all over and a chair helps me but not very one hence those who use one and those who don't.
You have one life so get out there stop worrying about fears just plan well ahead as we did when we went to London , I had no problems on transport or the boats shops was well fantastic as well as resturants and it made our weekend an enjoyable event.

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