IBS Grrrrrr!

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IBS Grrrrrr!

Postby Butterflywind » Thu Jun 30, 2011 1:15 pm

since i was 11 i have sufferd from IBS. Over the years (30 plus years) i have learnt which foods/drinks will set me off. Then some yrs ago i had recurrent cancer and other food/drinks which i once loved started to affect me. Also stress is a crippler. Normally i'm fine till after the problem is over and bang then i get an attack.
At the moment we have so many things going on,close relative is dying, another severly ill, freind had heart attack and then our child spent most of the weekend in hosp after an accident and i have spent the last 9 months going from one hosp appt to another.
Needless to say my ibs is in full swing. They come on very painfully &suddenly and can last fo hours leaving me more exhausted than normal and with stomach pains on top of my Fibro pains. An attack in public is very embarrasing (in the middle of A/E at the weekend).
I'm having small attacks every day at moment with a couple of bad ones every week.
I'm on buscapan which only helps a littleand i'm getting a bit afraid to eat just in case! has anyone had success with other remedies (i cant do fibrogel or bran) :fingerscrossed:

sorry to ramble & sorry for fibro fog spelling
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Re: IBS Grrrrrr!

Postby denys » Thu Jun 30, 2011 3:28 pm

Sorry Butterflywind, you seem to be doing everything that I would do!!! :fingerscrossed: things settle down for you soon :wave: :wave: :wave:

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Re: IBS Grrrrrr!

Postby pixiecat » Thu Jun 30, 2011 4:06 pm


I know what you mean I have been having probs the last few weeks more than normal one day I dont go the next (excuse the terms) runny, then next day totaly constipated :yikes: its so frustrating
I take benefibre as a fibre supliment instead of fibregel and I have movicol sachets that my doc allows me to alter the dose as I need to, at the moment I am on 2-3 a day to get going

If its not one thing its another with the lovely fibro

take care


Re: IBS Grrrrrr!

Postby shazq » Thu Jun 30, 2011 6:32 pm

If you are having a bout of diarrhoea and you know you have to leave the house you could try Imodium but you have to be careful as it could also block you.
I find lactalose is great to use everyday as it stops you from blocking but does not cause diarrhoea, its natural and tastes better than the sachets they make me heave :puke:

Keep up with the fluids and avoid food with skin, spices,seeds, stodgy as they bloat you and it takes your body longer to digest.
Eat little but often.
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Re: IBS Grrrrrr!

Postby tnissan38 » Fri Jul 01, 2011 3:31 am

Hi sorry you having problems with IBS . i have had it for about 14 years and had 3 investigation with camera for it . i use to always have diarhea with mine and then days of pain in my ribs as though been kicked .I know have bouts of either diarhia and constipation . I was put on 25mg amitriptyline to try relax the stomach and then when i feel little constipated i take couple spoons lactulose. help a little but dont take it away . hope you feel better soon trace xx
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Re: IBS Grrrrrr!

Postby hannahdiver » Tue Jul 12, 2011 9:10 pm

Hi there, I'm so SO sorry to hear about how ill you feel with this :( I writing because I have suffered with "IBS" (or so my doctors call it) for pretty much my whole life (was even taken to Gt Ormond St as a toddler because of it) but I now have very little symptoms and can eat/live pretty much normally. I can't tell you what a relief this brings (although I'm sure you can imagine) and I wonder if the treatment I am on would work for you.

I have had problems with food my whole life, and have been told by every doctor I have come across that it's IBS, and there's not much I/they can do about it. Like yourself, I started to notice patterns between my symptoms and what foods I ate and I soon had a list of foods which triggered the severe symptoms (gluten and dairy to start with). However, as time went on, I, like you, started to become more sensitive to more foods. As this happened, I started limiting eating these foods too. Before I knew it, I was on a super-healthy diet BUT, everything I ate made me very very ill IBS-wise. It got to the point that I was afraid to eat as I knew I would inflate/not fit my clothes/be in severe pain. I didn't know what to do.

I had been to see many food allergy/intolerance specialists over my life, but none had really helped. However, I was so desperate by this point that I decided to give it one last go and see a specialist in Oxford. He was an absolute godsend. He was a GP for many years but now specialises in allergies and intolerances, so really knows his medical stuff (a lovely change from some of the 'practitioners' I've seen)! Instead of dismissing me as "obsessive" like many other doctors, he applauded me for actually being aware of what was going on with my body. He told me I had developed quite severe food intolerances, and explained it to me medically (ah so appreciated!) but that they are treatable/manageable. He put me on a treatment called 'neutralisation' which is where you inject yourself daily with a very small dose of all of the things you are highly sensitive to. It works on the same basis as a vaccine - boosting your immune system and teaching your body to not treat these things (in my case, foods, chemicals and inhalants) as enemy substances. It is a peer reviewed treatment that has been proven to work medically (which was reassuring when compared with the other 'treatments' I had been offered before. (If you don't like the idea of injecting yourself, you can also get drops instead which you have to administer 3 times a day).

I am a pretty complex case, so it took about 4 months for the injections to fully work, but if you don't have many sensitivities you can feel a significant difference in 6 weeks. Before I had this treatment, I could not eat ANYTHING without getting SEVERE IBS symptoms (I fully know what I will look like at 6 months pregnant!). Now I can eat everything but gluten (I have a very strong reaction to that), which is absolutely unbelievable to me.

Maybe this could help you? I feel so few people know about this kind of treatment, which is seriously unfortunate as it really is life-changing. I must point out that this is a private clinic and my GP does not support this. Instead, she sent me to a gastroenterologist who a) knew NOTHING about food intolerances (???!!!), b) told me I had IBS, said a lot of it was in my head and told me my symptoms would never really go away and I had to learn to live with it.

Don't listen to these people!!!!!!! I don't think I ever DID have IBS - just food intolerances which are now pretty much cured. But that's just me.....anyway, I hope this helps in some way and you feel some relief soon :)

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