Bad Teeth ??

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Re: Bad Teeth ??

Postby ladyofwales » Wed Nov 09, 2011 12:15 am

Yes. bad teeth is not the word for it. I have suffered extreme pain with my teeth for years. It didnt help having a dentist that was not good at what he did. I had no problems with my teeth until approx 10 years ago. 3 0f my front teeth just died and went black. There was no reason for this, my dentist asked me if i had been in a fight, what a cheek... The pain was unreal, i didnt sleep for two weeks, and there was 8 trips to the dentist because the pain was not settling down. I had a massive obses (sorry bout spellin) on the roof of my mouth which the dentist lanced but it did no good. He finally gave me strong pain killers on christmas eve and i slept like a baby. That was the first of many massive problems. My teeth are dying from the inside out. I can not have injections as they dont work properly and last time i had an injection i couldnt open my mouth for over a week, my jaw was so painful.
I get lots of pain on my jaws and all around my mouth. I am just struggling on with the pain as it is no worse than the other pain.
I did see a video on you tube about a lady who has fibro and a doctor looked at her teeth and found that it was the teeth that had caused her problems, she had a brace and now the fibro is much better.
I have also heard that any heavy metals in our bodies cause problems for people with fibro. This includes fillings.
I am waiting to see my specialist again, through the nhs this time, i am going to discuss these things with her and try and get some head way on the teeth thing, maybe get refered to get things done in hospital.
If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Cheers :hit1:
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