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Zeo Sleep Manager

Postby sastek » Tue Nov 15, 2011 2:14 am

Hi folks, this is an interesting device that I saw on the Gadget Show tonight, apparently this device can monitor your sleeping pattern and tell you how long you spent in light sleep, deep sleep and REM phases. I don't personally know how well it works but the Gadget Show presenter seemed to think it worked.


The mobile version works on iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch) and Android

I am currently sitting deciding whwther to buy one now, or shall I leave it till tomorrow to decide!
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Re: Zeo Sleep Manager

Postby funnybunny » Tue Nov 15, 2011 5:22 am

Hi sastek

i didnt know the zeo had a uk website - i bought mine from america - it is quite expensive but good value for what it does

yeah it does work, i have used it for fortnight at a time every 2 months as this allows me to track and see if i can make improvements in how to get better quality sleep

i have the zeo bedside with the headband - when i am using it i tend to use the nights i use it as a DIY sleep study as well - what i do is set up the video camera (on night setting) with a clear memory card in it onto the tripod and direct it at the bed and start it up to run while i sleep - the card will hold about 24 hours worth of video alongside this i also use a movement sensor pad monitor which is designed for a nursery which makes a slight sound (not enough to wake up) when i move in the bed so it gives a good idea of how much i twist and turn -

i take the memory card from the zeo and into memory card reader and upload it to my private profile on zeo and take a zoom sometimes thro the video from the nights sleep and see how restless or startled and possible reasons for this at distinct times of night as correlated by zeo / movement sensor and video timer

this has given me a good idea of my sleep quality over time as my sleep quality improves and also deteroriates at times (sorry about spelling)

yeah it does work
hope this helps

as you can see by the time of this post not sleeping tonight but have a bug going both ends so it wrecking sleep - good luck
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Re: Zeo Sleep Manager

Postby hamstergirl » Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:03 am


once you have seen your pattern of sleep, what do you do to improve your sleep.

I think for me it would be a waste of money cos I know my sleep pattern is rubbish but I would try anything that claimed to make me sleep.

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Re: Zeo Sleep Manager

Postby funnybunny » Tue Nov 15, 2011 4:07 pm

this is MY sleep helpers – it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t

in response to your question how the zeo helps, it helps pinpoint times of month sleep is bad, how many hours of deep sleep which helps restore body systems and allows me to chart online things

before bed

if i had exercise 3 hours before sleep did it disrupt rem / non rem sleep that night whereas if i had exercise hours beofre bed , same with caffiene i dont take caffiene for at least 7 hours before i plan going to bed which is a set time but pain of fibro puts paid to that so i try relaxation cds to calm body down
avoiding sugar rushs before going bed or spicy food - persoanlly i find sometimes a heavy meal helps me sleep better (sometimes depends on nausea)
i try to wind myself down mentally as i can be quite wired but tired - also try writing down all worries to get out of my head and onto a bit of paper i dont use laptop for this as it stimulates
beofre getting into bed usually glass of milk and a banana to stop hunger pangs during night and as both foods contain amino acid tryptophan which helps the body to sleep,

when in bed

comfy bedding – my combination is electric underbalnket – on for 30 mins as needed – microfiber duvet (which spends a lot of time at the bottom of bed in reality ) and use a large microfiber throw which keeps me warm when im feeling cold
to keep me cool when im in sweats i have a small fan which i point at the bed which is set on a timer so goes off itself
i try to use my favourite sleeping position (personally fetal) and have a hour before bed (it doesnt always work but hey i can try)
when i get into bed i try progresssive relaxation techineques
put on eye mask

the bedroom
blocking out light with blackout blinds and quietness

these are some of the things that the zeo has helped me track and make small changes to over time – im far from perfect but i do try – i try to stay in bed rather than getting up as then im inclined to try and do things and that stimulates me more so sleep goes astray
basically the programme helps me track how much deep sleep i get / how much restless sleep and how many times i wake up in the night sometimes more than realised as body immediately goes back to sleep so don’t be aware of being awake

also as i don’t have any pain or sleep medication even thro i have severe fibro as i don’t tolerate meds i have to do what i can – the only thing i take is an antidepressant in the morning so sometimes sleep doesn’t come easy or go according to plan
hope this helps you in some way

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