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Postby TillyLou » Tue Nov 15, 2011 12:20 pm

Hi all, hope you are all feeling as well as possible today. I have had the worst few days I've had for months, I have severe pain in my ribs and chest bone area, also in the upper back (rear of the rib cage). I have looked at various fm sights and it seems to fit the symptoms of costochondritis. I am seeing my GP later to check it out. Does anyone else have this I can't breathe without pain, and getting comfortable to sleep is impossible as my rib area is so tender to touch.

Gentle hugs to all xx
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Postby lrgatrell88 » Tue Nov 15, 2011 1:07 pm

I have this on and off! It's awful isn't it?
I'm currently using voltarol gel on it as it seems to help me. I'm just hoping u can't over dose on the stuff.
The doctors can't do much but give u pain killers. I even ended up in a&e last year. I had it when I had a cough n was in so much pain I had a panic attack.

Hope you get something to help. Good luck xx
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Re: Costochondritis

Postby FluppyPuffy » Tue Nov 15, 2011 2:33 pm

TillyLou, you made an identical post to this one earlier, which I moved into Associated and Other Health Problems, a more suitable part of the forum for what you're asking. I'll delete the first one you made and move this one over.
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Re: Costochondritis

Postby *Lisa* » Wed Nov 16, 2011 7:00 am

My costo has been so severe over the years i ended up in A&E many times but they just sent me home saying there is nothing they can do to help me!

anyway iv managed to work out something to ease symptoms. i have a physio who has to streeetch each muscle inbetween my ribs and breastbone and front wall chest (oWWWWWWWWWW) :( plus i use an inhalor to help expand the lungs. I also apply freeze gel as i feel this works better then the heat or an anti-inflamm gel.

Breathing exercises help and i use an irratable bowl drug to relax my stomach muscles helping me to beathe.
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Re: Costochondritis

Postby TillyLou » Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:02 am

Thanks for all the replies so far. I did end up in a&e after posting as my doc thought I could have had a clot on my lungs I was so bad. Any way oramorph is helping but I hope I can get over it soon. Can't help thinking the cold weather has a lot to do with it tho.

Gentle hugs guys xxx :grouphug:
:fingerscrossed: :wave:
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Re: Costochondritis

Postby blueeyes64 » Tue Nov 29, 2011 1:30 pm

OMG !Tillylou i ended up in A & E with my 18 year old daughter last week as she was getting a bad pain on the right hand side of her chest when she breathed in, it was causing her to have shortness of breath, and her legs felt numb and heavy.She was up all night with it so we went to GPs following morning.He said as he couldnt find any evidence to suggest a chest infection he was not happy and mentioned the possibility of a clot on her lungs ( she doesnt smoke BTW ).We had to spend all day in hospital while they took bloods and x rays.In the end they said it was probably just muscular pain and sent her home saying to take painkillers.Her pain eased off and then kept coming back over a few days and now she seems fine.I worry she may be heading for a fibro diagnosis as she gets older as she is always getting migraines, restless legs and can get tired all of a sudden and takes herself off to bed.She also suffers with reflux and is often phlegmy and throat clearing.Most of the time she is a very bubbly fun loving girl but sometimes is irritable all of a sudden.She also has a lot of pain with her period and a lot of bleeding too and has been back and forth to the Drs many times when she just feels a lack of energy, sickly and dizzy headed.She has had several tests for anaemia and other things all came back normal.She works in a childrens nursery so has a busy job, but a lot of the time she thinks she is coming down with something from one of the kids and feels rotten for maybe a few hours or a day and then is fine the next day.She also gets IBS symptoms too.Hope i am wrong though :fingerscrossed:
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