more pain

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more pain

Postby thebryans » Sun Jan 01, 2012 1:34 am

has anyone else had trouble with horrific pain in both anchiles tendons and them swelling up, feeling like someone is hacking thro them with an axe It was so bad xmas night that I was screaming and almost fainted with the pain.
Hubby wanted to phone ambulance or take me to a&e but we had my stepchildren staying ( 9 & 13 Yrs ) and good as gold but It was upsetting the youngest, so I refused to go, and its been like that on and off more on since then
but I feel like a nutter what with that and feeling like i am punch drunk all the time wobbling all over the place. only good thing is thank god i didnt get the flu like so many,
got to say the tendon pain has happened before but only briefly, and not as bad, but has been getting worse to the point that I cant even walk to end of the street now,
being able to talk about it all on here is so fab, and keeps me sane, poor hubby is such an angel and thankfully is always there for me, but I hate moaning to him all the time,

hope everyone else had a great xmas, and happy new year to everyone,

happy-new-year-1 :grouphug:
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Re: more pain

Postby shazq » Sun Jan 01, 2012 4:48 pm

Sorry i have not had it that server i get a lot of pain but not like you describe. Have you been on your feet longer then you would be normally? or standing around?

I would get it checked over by your GP if the pain does not ease. :hugs:
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