Sensitve Skin...

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Sensitve Skin...

Postby caroann1 » Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:58 pm

Hi,I am a new member..and was wondering if any other member have these complaints with their Fibro...

Sensitive skin...?

When I get what I call a Flare up,besides the awful fog... I cannot bare to be touched,my skin is so sensitive,it's not a prickly feeling..more like a burning feeling...especially on my back.

Legs,and painful burning feet...?

I also have the restless legs syndrome...which keeps me awake,although I have Hypnotic sleepers,my legs and feet wake me up also.

Hope this is in the correct place,forgive me if it isn't. :oops:
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Re: Sensitve Skin...

Postby FluppyPuffy » Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:32 am

I've moved your topic into here caroann, it's a more suitable board so hopefully you'll get some helpful replies :fingerscrossed: :fingerscrossed:

I suffer with the sensitive skin problem, at times it's so bad even the softest and lightest cotton on it makes me feel like I'm going to self combust :facepalm: :facepalm:

Altho I haven't been dx'd with RLS, there are times when keeping them still is a virtual impossibility as everything feels like it's sparking with electricity, which then links into the sensitive skin, and off we go again with it :facepalm: :facepalm:
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Re: Sensitve Skin...

Postby denys » Tue Feb 21, 2012 8:36 am

Yep my skin is really sensitive at times and everything feels bruised, it can be down to some meds :dunno:

As a Public Moderator of this forum my opinions/views expressed are personal and are no more valid than those of other members and not necessarily those of UKFibromyalgia.
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Re: Sensitve Skin...

Postby Mini » Tue Feb 21, 2012 9:34 am


Yes I get this, its like your skin is extremely sunburnt and even clothes on it really feels sore. I mostly get it on the top of my thigh or I had it the other day at the top of my arm and lasts a good few days. It does have a name but I cant for the life of me think of what it is, my consultant wrote it down for me. I will have to dig out the bit of paper! It happens when I get a bit of a flare. When I get the name you will be able to look it up and find out more info, bear with me :-)
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Re: Sensitve Skin...

Postby lolabolla » Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:01 am


Yes me too. I have to cut the lables out of clothes because I am so sensitive, sometimes wear my nickers inside out because seams irritate me :yikes:
Can't wear regular bras, have bought some Genie bras which are similar to a sports bra but no hooks or underwiring. Heaven!
Sometimes when sitting in the car the fabric on the seats somehow penetrates my clothing and makes me itch....weird and very annoying too.

Lola xx
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Re: Sensitve Skin...

Postby Ldyalb » Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:50 am

I also have the clothing label problem and the bra problem, especially with the strap around my back. Have always been like this due to the Dyspraxia but by the time I hit puberty things improved and I was able to wear tights etc. I wasn't able to wear slippers until I was 18 though - the seams on the toes irritate me.

But now I have Fibro it's coming back again :-x Emollient creams like E45 can help I've found, I use them anyway for Eczema but I do find that they're cooling on the skin and they help act as a barrier against your clothes. I also use more fabric softener in washes now which helps a bit too.

I've never thought of wearing things inside out but that's a great idea, especially at night - I hate wearing socks in bed but I get very cold feet and socks are the lesser of two evils. But inside out socks will be better for my toes - they really hate the seams. I'll try that tonight!

If sensitive skin is a relatively new thing it's worth mentioning to your Dr - just to check it is Fibro and not an allergy to something. It's possible to develop allergies after years of using, or eating something. Especially if the makers of things like detergent change the formula.
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Re: Sensitve Skin...

Postby caroann1 » Wed Feb 22, 2012 5:47 pm

How nice of you all to reply..thank you...

Bra problem...can't ware them,unless I have to go out (and that's not often I venture any where )...labels in clothes,are cut out immediately on buying...

Socks with seams are a no,no for me...

Soreness..yes like that,but more aggressive sensitivity...

Thank you FluppyPuffy for moving my topic...Restless legs day and night for me ... :yikes:
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