Odd sounds in ears ?

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Odd sounds in ears ?

Postby blueeyes64 » Sat Mar 10, 2012 1:15 am

Does anyone get ringing in their ears at times ? Also when I move my head to different sides the sound get louder, it can last for seconds or a few minutes at a time.My ears are very itchy inside too but that could be allergy related (dust, pollens ).Also I get where a noise from something usually quiet, like something electrical or so called white noise, becomes really loud in the ear that is closest to the noise and when I turn my head it lessens.I can also get really irritated by noises that don't seem to bother anyone else too much.DH has a Marine fish tank and when it needs topping I with RO water (purified ) it starts gurgling and this really annoys me.I went to a meeting at the town hall a few months back to appeal to get my son in another school and it was in a large imposing room .There were 3 interviewers across a huge tables facing me ans a lady from the school to my left and a chair woman to the right at the head of the table, and I had to plead our case.But outside there were roadworks in the street.As hard as I tried I could not help but look over to the window EVERY time the drill started up, it was really distracting me, but didn't seem to be bothering anyone else there.I thought to myself they are going to think I am weird lol ! Anyway, my son got into the school :-)
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Re: Odd sounds in ears ?

Postby shazq » Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:13 pm

Fibro sufferers are known for sensitive ears, when my fish tank water starts to drop the sounds drives me :evil: as well, when the ads come on the TV i have to turn it down. I dont like going into crowded places as cant cope with lots of people talking at the same time. :crazy:

I did go through a stage where i had ringing in one ear but it has stopped now thank god as it drove me nuts. :twisted: hope yours stops soon, i would let your GP know about the ringing. :goodluck1: :hugs:
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Re: Odd sounds in ears ?

Postby loubie » Sat Mar 10, 2012 6:34 pm

i have lots of problems with my ears :roll:

i do have tinnitus, but i also hate any noise all the same as you and shazq
even my grandchildren when they are playing and screaming shouting :yikes:
the last time they were like that, i had to go home to bed :(

also have itchy ears sometimes and the doc said i have eczema in them
and have some drops for them :roll:
loubie xx

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no more valid than those of other members and not necessarily those of
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Re: Odd sounds in ears ?

Postby Roseofsharon » Sat Mar 10, 2012 6:49 pm

Hi I've had ringing in my ears (tinnitus) since I was 5 yrs old, and at first it was triggered most accutely whenever there was a TVset on (you know the old CRT sets) they had a high pitched whine that was out of normal hearing range, but somehow I could always hear it. I think really that my hearing was slightly damaged after recurrent ear infections as a kid. Nowdays I've learnt to loive with it, but still if there is an old TV that is left on without being tuned in it still drives me nuts.
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Re: Odd sounds in ears ?

Postby fibro-lu » Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:17 pm

it's the little bongo drummer have the time of is live :chicken-dance:
it's the "whoosh whoosh" from one side to the other and back :dunno: like I would "floss both my ears" at the same time (sometimes similar with blinking my eyes, it like turning into my own "home entertainment) :crazy:
can't differenciate what is what which leads to not understandimg what is said, or concentrate on the important
yes to the irritating white noise which seems to overpower everthing else
all the best :cow-wave: Lu
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Re: Odd sounds in ears ?

Postby mellabella » Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:49 am

Many meds including anti - depressants are ototoxic and cause damage to the fine cilla in the ears which can lead to ear damage including tinnitus.

Likewise candida overgrowth can do the same thing and also cause itchy ears.

Since taking citalporam and amytriptaline i've noticed an increase in tinnitus sounds and was actually woken up last week by an electronic odd knocking noise which i couldn't pin down untill i realised it was coming from inside my own head..

The best thing to do when these noises occur is to immediately distract yourself ( t.v radio ect ) or disassociate yourself ( go make yourself busy elsewhere) from it. The last thing you need to do is to focus all your attention on it. ..

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