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Something new ...

PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 1:10 am
by Judy S
Tonight I persuaded my husband to go to the walk-in clinic because he had a painful lump in his calf and he's previously had a DVT. I went with him and was fine while waiting, and fine through the consultation (he wanted me with him) until the nurse said that the blood had turned up negative for the marker for clots. Then suddenly I came over dizzy and nauseous and had to put my head down to my knees. I got over the worst within a few minutes, but that was an hour or more ago and I'm still a bit dizzy and having problems thinking clearly - in fact I can't remember anything the nurse said while we were in there!

The having problems thinking clearly is not new. I've actually been to the doctors about that on several occasions and there's been nothing wrong except sometimes panic, or tiredness. The dizziness I've had mildly before, too, but both together coming on suddenly like this hasn't happened before.

I'm very tired but almost afraid to go to bed. I sleep in a separate bedroom these days because of the 'he wants it hot, I want it cold' thing, and also the snoring keeps me awake, but I don't want to be alone. I've had trouble with anxiety for years now, but I've never reacted like that to being told everything is OK. :(

Re: Something new ...

PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:40 pm
by denys
Judy could it be that you were so tense (automatically not knowingly) and once you were told everything was ok you relaxed which made you come over all dizzy and nauseous???????????? with you having anxiety attacks I'm just thinking that maybe it was everything you were having to deal with :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

I would go and see your doc and explain what happened and how long it all went on for just to get everything checked out :hugs: :hugs:

Re: Something new ...

PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 9:20 pm
by Judy S
Yes, thanks, Denys - I will mention it next time I go. I imagine it must be connected with anxiety, but the funny thing is that I don't feel as if I'm anxious at the time, I just get the effects. :(