FMS, Hair and nails??????

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FMS, Hair and nails??????

Postby pugbear » Tue Jun 12, 2012 7:48 am

Hi all
Since suffering with all of the other associated symptoms of FMS (pain, fatigue, twitching, aches, burning and Fibro-fog) I have noticed other things and i wondered if any of you have also suffered from them??
1st my pride and joy, my nails, which once were long strong and always painted and looked perfect (sorry, but these really were my pride and joy, i know, how sad!!) well now they have all cracked, split, broken and become ridged, has this happened to anyone else??

2nd, my hair which i have streaked to almost white lovely hairdresser has had to buy 60% bleach (which is not used anymore due to the high % being seen as not needed) she has to pull my hair through the cap, apply the 60% bleach, then pull my friends through and apply her normal bleach....we then wait a while, my fried then has hers washed off has her hair cut and a blown dry....after that we have a cup of tea and eventually mine will be ready to wash off!!!!! Before i would have the bleach put on and washed off with in 20 mins!!!

3rd, my skin...i now break out almost weekly????

Has anyone else suffered from any of the above??? if yes, have you found any remedies??
Many thanks
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Re: FMS, Hair and nails??????

Postby masonsbarms » Tue Jun 12, 2012 3:18 pm

hi pugbear, i know what you mean about the nails. i have the same problem and im sure i have read about fm and nail ridges,
i have tried creams and paint on thing tablets for hair nails and skin non of wich have worked.

the only thing i have found to help keep my nails any thing like is diamond nails, it is a paint on it isnt cheap but dose help,
you can have it clear or over polish.

skin i have bad skin anyway but has got worse with breakouts al over i book a couple of gose on the sunbed just for 3 min and this dose help cleare it for a while,

dont know about hair only mine has got thinner.

take care xx
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Re: FMS, Hair and nails??????

Postby shazq » Tue Jun 12, 2012 3:46 pm

My nails are very weak & always breaking, i can bend them right back, if i am lucky enough to grow the odd one it wont be there for long. :roll:

My hair is in the same condition as my nails :evil: I buy expensive conditioner & treatments but nothing helps, my hair just breaks at the ends and its getting thin, when i brush my hair loads fall out in the sink, i have it over my clothes.

Its down to being poorly & your meds. :evil:
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Re: FMS, Hair and nails??????

Postby ribbons » Tue Jun 12, 2012 9:18 pm

I was recommended nail magic by a beautician. Its not cheap - £10 a bottle. For the first week you keep reapplying over the first coat every other day, then take it off and start over again putting it on every second day. Your are supposed to see results by the end of the month but i think mine took 2-3, prob because of the medication.

It's the only one this lady used, she didn't rate the sally hanson stuff highly and i have had to throw a bottle of that away as it was all stringy ever time i took the brush out. I use it now as a base coat - started using this stuff in feb and my nails are back to what they were pre fibro x
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Re: FMS, Hair and nails??????

Postby TATT » Wed Jun 13, 2012 10:43 am

The hair is the last thing in the body that draws nutrients from our food. So often I find my hair is falling out and my nails and skin suffer too.

What I have done the last two months is I blend up raw green smoothies, I make enough for three days and drink one or two a day. It has made a huge difference. My hair is shiny, nails growing like mad. The smoothie is full of raw veg and fruit. Try YouTube to show you how it's done. Type in green smoothies. You can put what you like in. You need a powerful blender to help breakdown the green leafs.

Handful of spinach

Handful celery

Handful romaine lettuce

Frozen mango ( buy sainsburys as it makes them nice and cold)

Frozen blueberries

I bannana

Add one glass of bottled mineral water and enjoy.

Try it if you can. I have low appetite so for me it's been a life saver as I get all my fibre which helps with constipation and all raw goodness in one serving xxx
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Re: FMS, Hair and nails??????

Postby pugbear » Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:29 pm

Hi all
thanks for all of your replies, i am kind of glad in a way that this is another aspect of FMS and not something new (does that make sense??)
I will def be trying all of your suggestions :-D will let you know how it goes
Thanks again
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FMS, Hair and nails??????

Postby Just-JJ » Thu Jun 14, 2012 8:10 am

Get some L-Lysine, or skin hair and nails (it is called that) from a health shop. Xxx
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