New Symptoms?

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New Symptoms?

Postby Jezzi » Sat Jun 16, 2012 5:41 pm

Hi all, I joined around January but unfortunately my health exploded (imploded?) around that time too. I have had a quick look (do we not have a New Posts button?) around the forums to see if my new symptoms have been mentioned but I am struggling with concentration today (and for the past 6 months) so please forgive me if it has been talked about somewhere.

Basically I have had fibro symptoms for 12 years, diagnosed 5 years ago by a "just plan your day around it" GP. I have had pins/needles in elbows down to fingertips, knees down to toes, exhaustion/fatigue, lack of concentration, dropping things and wandering pain for all this time, etc.

My new symptoms happened just before Christmas 2011. I came down with what I thought was flu - fever, chills, aches, muscle tremors for 2 days, after that I started with my new symptoms that have not gone away. I have excruitiating pain in my knees and fingers/wrists. They feel swollen but do not look it. At the beginning I could not even open a door/hold a cup and I have not driven since then due to the knee pain (even going up/down stairs is beyond painful). Also my two big toes feel stiff/swollen.

My GP sent me to a Rheumatologist who sent me for tests but didn't want to see me again (says I do not have the usual markers for fibro OR rheumatoid arthritis). I had blood tests, xrays of hands/wrists, knees, feet, ultrasound of hands and a nerve test. All came back "normal/negative" apart from a slight carpel tunnel thing from the nerve test (but not enough to explain anything). My new GP says these new symptoms are not usual for fibro but can be and told me to google up fibro for more information :-?

So.... can symmetrical (both sides of the body) pain in knees, fingers and toes that came on suddenly be related to fibro or do I have something else that just isn't showing up in normal tests?
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Re: New Symptoms?

Postby *Lisa* » Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:01 am


In my personal opinion im thinking ME/CFS although i am sure that these new symptoms maybe fibro also.

Have you been diagnosed with any of the above? These also would not show up in tests.

From what you say they can be symptoms of ME/CFS

Just a thought as many FM people have CFS also they seem to come hand in hand
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Re: New Symptoms?

Postby FluppyPuffy » Sun Jun 17, 2012 1:15 pm

Reading what you have said made me think of CFS as well, esp as it sounds very much like how I am at the moment, and I've recently had the CFS box ticked on my score card. You'll appreciate tho that we can't say that's what it is, you need a suitably qualified medical professional to do that. Have a look at this linky tho, and see what you think ... ction.aspx
It isn't unusual to have both conditions, so if you think it could be that, see what your GP has to say.

I was a bit surprised at a GP telling you to try Dr Google, usually they want patients to try and avoid Googling symptoms as it can lead to all sorts of things coming up with the same symptoms and people getting themselves worked up as they think they may have something really extreme wrong with them :-? :-? :-?
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Re: New Symptoms?

Postby shari » Sun Jun 17, 2012 2:44 pm

Hi Jezzi

It sounds like a familiar scenario. You appear to be getting the runaround. Where you go in circles. With
no definate diagnosis as such. As FluppyPuppy Said. You need proper medical advice. Being told to look
at Google doesn't sound like a GP who would fill me with hope. Make an app with a different dr. I think
from all my trips to the dr, I have got to know the doctors with the best reputations. Im sure you know
of another one at our surgery. See them. And explain what has happened. Say you need answers. You are
not satisfied. And that you want to be referred back to the rheumatologist. Never accept being fobbed off.
Every patient in the UK is entitled to a second opinion. At the end of the day, you need to know exactly
what condition you may have. I hope this has been helpful. :flowers:
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