Pain/Aches In Teeth And Jaw

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Pain/Aches In Teeth And Jaw

Postby Woofwoof » Fri Jun 22, 2012 11:25 am

Does anyone else get intense pain/aches in their teeth and jaw?

Today the pain/aches in my teeth and jaw are just unbearable, but have been bad for the last few weeks. :( I have issues with TMJ and have in the past been fitted with splints, both flexible and rigid - the tension in my jaw was so bad I literally broke the rigid splint!! :shock: The flexible splint offered no relief whatsoever. I see a dentist regularly (latest appointment in April) and she says there are no issues with my teeth that would cause the constant pain/aches.

I have had to take Anadin this morning to try and ease the pain, which means I cannot now take the Naproxen I was prescribed on Wednesday. The Anadin has taken the edge off but I'm still in so much discomfort. I just read online about people using TENS for similar issues.

I currently have a diagnosis of CFS but have recently been referred to a rheumatologist as a chiro suspects I have FM too.
Are these symptoms FM related or purely down to TMJ issues?

Has anyone got any suggestions/advice?
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Re: Pain/Aches In Teeth And Jaw

Postby shazq » Fri Jun 22, 2012 2:35 pm

I have never had any problems so far with my teeth & jaw but TMJ does seem to be quite common with fibro, we have had a few posts up about it. If you put in TMJ into the search bar you will get all the topics come up.
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Re: Pain/Aches In Teeth And Jaw

Postby turnpages » Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:17 am

Hello there,

I was diagnosed with TMJ in the past before my FMS was formally and officially diagnosed.
However, the TMJ type face and jaw pain differs to the teeth and jaw pain I get as part of fibro.

I'm sorry that you're suffering from that, as I know how awful it is and also as I don't really have a solution or tip to help you.
On the days I get badly aching teeth and jaws, I basically just try to eat soft foods and avoid talking or chewing. Sometimes I'll take painkillers, which take the edge off the pain, but other than I don't know of anything to help me...

I have also seen the dentists on a number of occasions and I had 2 extractions (1 wisdom tooth and 1 molar), as they thought that might help. Unfortunately, those extractions didn't make any difference for the face/teeth/jaw pains at all.
I'd recommend you see your dentist, as there might be something underlying, but be wary of extractions...
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Re: Pain/Aches In Teeth And Jaw

Postby *Lisa* » Sat Jun 23, 2012 12:26 pm

Have you been refered to a maxiolfacial consultant by the dentist?

If not i would ask.

They sepcialise in TMJ and maybe able to help more with the condition.

I am a TMJ sufferer and its really bad. I also wear mouthguards. My dentist makes sure there really thick as i go through many. I can also be prescribed diazapam for severe spasms as i find my jaw can spasm or lock at any given time. Many times iv had to have my jaw manipulated back into place!

My dentist has been on many courses and he says fibro is brought up often and wanted to use my name for studies sahring my notes/information etc.

The trouble with fibro & TMJ is we have limited options. If it was TMJ i could have surgery but with fibro i cannot.
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