Jaw Pain

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Jaw Pain

Postby LouLou » Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:10 am

Morning All :-o

The last few weeks my FM pain seems to have increased in it's intensity. My bad days seems to be worse than they were before. :yikes: I've been having reviews with my GP every few weeks and he has been fantastic.

The last 3 days I have had an aching throbbing pain on the left side of my mouth. It feels like it's coming from my actual muscles/jaw as opposed to my teeth as they don't seem to hurt. This is a new one for me as I've never suffered with any pain in my face - it's the only part of my which was free from it all until now :dunno:

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I'm seeing my GP in the next hour so will mention this to him, but thought I would ask on here too.

Hope you all have as good a day as you can :blowkiss:

What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger ;-)
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Re: Jaw Pain

Postby FluppyPuffy » Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:36 am

I've moved you into here LouLou as it's a more suitable part of the forum for what you're asking about.

There is an associated condition of FM called TMJ, this linky explains more about it http://www.webmd.boots.com/oral-health/ ... rs-tmj-tmd
This could be the reason for your current problem, and asking your GP about it when you see them is the sensible thing to do. Hopefully they will be able to give you a definite answer as to the cause as well as start you off on a suitable treatment for it :fingerscrossed: :fingerscrossed:
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Re: Jaw Pain

Postby Lemonzest2012 » Thu Aug 23, 2012 11:01 am

I have epic jaw pain, from constant grinding of my teeth with worry about my appeal, lost a gold crown so far because of it :( and it's giving me bad migraines :(
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Re: Jaw Pain

Postby shortnsweet54 » Thu Aug 23, 2012 11:31 am

Hi LouLou,

Just wondering if it could be some sort of neuralgia, best mention it to your doctor and get checked out. hope you get some relief soon

Take care
Jan xx
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Re: Jaw Pain

Postby LouLou » Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:56 pm

Fluppy - thanks for that. I'm still getting used to this forum and where things go.

Jan and Lemonzest - thanks for the replies.

I've just got back from seeing my GP and he said he thinks it is TMD/TMJ and that I probably aggrivated it clenching in my sleep :yikes: which is just typical as I've just had my antidepressant changed and that's actually helping me get lots of :sleep:

I've read your linky Fluppy so thank you for that, I'd never heard of this TMD/TMJ before so I know what I'm dealing with now. My GP has told me to monitor the pain for a few weeks and if it persists/gets worse to see my dentist who can help with the problem. He has also changed one of my meds to help with the bad days.

Lemonzest, I don't know your story as I don't post on here much but :fingerscrossed: things work out for you and your appeal.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can help ease the pain? I'm struggling to eat very much as it really hurts when I bite down and the rest of the time it's a throbbing ache.
What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger ;-)
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Re: Jaw Pain

Postby Boots :)) » Thu Aug 23, 2012 1:42 pm

This is my first time on forum. I have been diagnosed with TMJ and FM recently. I have been to Maxillofacial who has asked dentist to make me a guard for jaw at night. It has eased the pain a bit. However apparently it can take a year to help! I have a follow up with Maxillofacial next week but after reading FM site now realize that they are connected! I am confused as to whether they are treated as two different symptoms or one! :#
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Re: Jaw Pain

Postby Fender » Sat Sep 15, 2012 3:42 pm

Hi I get jaw pain and was diagnoses withTMJ before anyone even mentioned FM. I had most of my teeth nerve removed before I had an answer to the problem. Still get symptoms but not as bad now.
Good luck with you quest.
Do the mouth guards work? Does anyone know?
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