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Has anyone been misdiagnosed with Fibro and had MS?

PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2012 8:33 am
by JemmaB88
Hi guys,

Just getting ready for work and noticed my eyes cannot focus. I have been awake since 6 so its not tiredness. I have just looked at the thread about differences between Fibro, cfs and ms.

What I am asking is, has anyone been diagnosed with Fibro and in fact has MS? I am just getting worried about this whole issue now. My OH has been asking me loads of questions about my Fibro, which makes me think he has been reading about the differences himself and last night when I mentioned my vibrating groin he asked if its actually MS. He has never been to sure of my Fibro diagnosis, he thinks its something else, and unfortunately he is usually right. Now I think about it, recently I have been having a few problems with tight chest feelings, eyes have been much worse than normal, along with killer headaches and a stabbing sensation down my neck. And now the vibrating legs. I get numb fingers often and patches of numb skin on my upper arms. I hope its not MS and that sounds even more scary than fibro.

How do I approach my GP about getting tested? Is it very unlikely that its MS and I am just being a worry wart? I have got a lot to do over then next 6 months and I think I am probably worrying unnecessarily. Just moved, work changing, getting married, 1st Christmas having people over and then 2 week hols in Florida. Sounds lovely doesn't it but it feels like a runaway train!

Re: Has anyone been misdiagnosed with Fibro and had MS?

PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2012 10:56 am
by SharonL42
Hi Jemma,

I got my Fibro diagnosis the other way GP thought it was MS. I had & still have, all the symptoms you are describing, vibrations, numbness, headaches, blurred vision, etc. I had an MRI of my head & luckily it was clear so the neurologist just said..'its not MS & you're fine really' & sent me away.

I just ignored things for a while then went to see a new GP & told her that whilst it was great that I didn't have MS ....I knew something was wrong. She told me it was Fibro within mins of me describing my symptoms & I was actually relieved to have a name for what has been wrong for years, although I was still worried she was wrong, as it sounded so bizarre.

The more research I do the more I am slowly accepting that all of my symptoms are indeed Fibro, mixed with some anxiety...I did spend a lot of time worrying about every twinge. I have had some CBT to help me cope with my anxiety & slowly things are getting better. The pain, etc is still there but it is no longer compellingly life....I am controlling it.

What uou have may be Fibro but if you are worried it is MS I would ask your GP to send you for an MRI scan.

Sending gentle hugs,

Sharon X

Keep Smiling :-)

Re: Has anyone been misdiagnosed with Fibro and had MS?

PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2012 3:07 pm
by lolabolla
Have you had blood tests, an MRI or a lumbar punch (spinal tap). I had all these tests to check for MS and I am relieved to say that it was ruled out.

Lola xx

Re: Has anyone been misdiagnosed with Fibro and had MS?

PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2012 5:02 pm
by JemmaB88
I have had blood tests but not in the past year. No scans or lumbar punches done. Need to wait til Monday to call the doc for an appointment but the more I seem to look in to it the more likely it seems to me. I am feeling very abnormal at the moment. Wedding on friday too so I had better snap out of it soon!