Worsening muscle spasms

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Worsening muscle spasms

Postby Tribefanuk » Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:56 pm

Hi i am a 43 year old man and have recently been diagnosed with FMS following 25 years of having symptoms. Just recently i have started getting spasms in my feet and hands, its like the foot or hand is trying to fold in on itself causing excruciating pain up my arms and legs. It is happening more and more often and wondered if anyone else has this happening.
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Re: Worsening muscle spasms

Postby millymoodoo » Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:46 pm


Unfortunately it is all part of fibro!!! I get terrible spasms and when they are really bad i take 2mg Diazepam which really does help sometimes i just take half a tablet and if that doesn't help i take the other. My gp is concerned about addiction of diazepam so prescribes them sparingly so i have to make them last, it really annoys me i say to hell with the addiction when i am in so much discomfort with the spasm's. I suppose it is the same with all the drugs we take as they are all addictive but i am sure the medical proffession would see things in a different light if they were suffering in the way that we are. It would be worth talking to your gp about diazepam if you don't already get it as it is a godsend when the spasm is bad but just be prepared for the lecture on addiction. Hope you get some relief as its not very pleasant when the spasm's start.

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