Depression back with a vengeance

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Depression back with a vengeance

Postby sknowles456 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 7:56 pm

I feel rather like a failure, i take many tablets for my mental health including 2 anti depressants one of which is mirtazapine. i used to take 45mg which was lowered earlier this year to 30mg as i was trying to lose weight and the tablet puts weight on you. anyway at my last psych appointment he said to lower to 15mg for a month and then stop. i managed at 15mg although my mum said i didn't seem as up beat and i lost a few pounds however when i stopped completely after a week i was a mess, i was having panic attacks which flared up my fm i was tired all the time and didnt want to leave the house, i felt like crying all the time.

My psych said that if i went down to start taking them again which is what i have had to do on the recommendation of my family. so i have gone back on 15mg and need to see my doctor to get some more. i feel such a failure and weak for not managing without them but i just could not live feeling like i did when i stopped them. my mum would prefer me to take 30mg but i am determined to stay at 15mg. has anyone else tried coming off anti depressants and failing? Suzy x
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Re: Depression back with a vengeance

Postby diane1 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:14 pm


I know what you mean. I was taken off fluoxetine a year ago and thought it wouldnt be a problem as I didnt think I was depressed and I'm an upnbeat person, how wrong I was. I stopped the meds and suddenley felt like I was in a big dark hole so I went back to my GP after crying to him down the phone and restarted them.

I also used to take mirtazipine of a night as a muscle relaxant/pain relief. I noticed over a year that I constantly put on weight even when I tried to diet. I continually told them and eventually after weighing me at each appointment and my hubby telling them how much I didnt eat they decided I was right :!: I came off it and went on dosulepin which has worked great of a night and after 3 months I had lost 3 st in weight.

Remember that people with fibro have so many conditions to contend with as well as the public, atos etc and we feel pain much stronger than anyone else that feeling depressed is only natural. If you needed to come off the meds thats fine but didnt they suggest another to replace it. I've come to accept that I need the meds to help me cope and so i'll take whatever they give me. Go back to your GP and ask to be given something else to replace it. Its not a sign of weakness i'm sure non fibro's would look on their advise differently if they also had fibro.

Try and get through the next few days and make an appointment with the GP tomorrow.

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Depression back with a vengeance

Postby Lyssie » Sat Dec 01, 2012 3:41 pm

Hey Suzy I am so sorry you're feeling so blue and like a failure :( you're not I promise *hugs*
Lyssie :-) ...xX
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Re: Depression back with a vengeance

Postby isitme » Sat Dec 01, 2012 5:49 pm

i take 40mg citalopram anti d in the morning for my depression/anxiety and 75mg of dosulepin at night to help me sleep. except it is also an anti d so what a mess i get if i run out for an odd day and haven't got a repeat prescription.

i am like hell so it clearly wqorks for me too as well as with the sleeping.

take care and do what you need to feel okish.

:-D :-D
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Re: Depression back with a vengeance

Postby ouchisme » Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:04 pm

I'm so sorry that you are having a hard time about it all at the moment. Please don't think that it makes to a failure because it definitely doesn't help your frame of mind. You have to remember that our poor bodies go through so much daily that i would make any1 feel low and out of control. I'm nearly there myself, just don't want to admit it to any1, especially myself.

Mental health issues are not as taboo as they were. If you need help either thru therapy or medication take it with both hands. Honestly theres nothing to feel :oops: about

loads and loads of soft :hugs: from me to you :blowkiss:
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