One sided post nasal drip! one sided fibro???

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One sided post nasal drip! one sided fibro???

Postby Aliscat64 » Sun Dec 16, 2012 4:46 pm

Hello everyone..............rather daft questions to ask? My fibro is a bit of a long story so I'll give you the relevant bits :lol:

Disgnosed in may after 3 yrs of problems.

Hurt my back badly twice three years ago.........pain all left sided, tingly toes etc.

also affected neck..................but used to be a nurse now a childminder so always had heavy jobs thought it all related.

then last two years had big jaw and dental problems, abcesses, limited mouth opening, jaw operation............I now keep getting a very gunked up feeling, spasmy, bunged up nose, uncomfy throat but ALL left sided.
Tried a nose spray but not brilliant.

I wonder if neck damage is limiting neck use and hence effecting how nose and throat works?????????

Do you think fibro can be very one sided? My left side has all the worst symptoms, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, wrist, foot!!!!...its almost like my dominant side works and the left has gone into melt down.

Do you think post nasal drip can come from fibro?

Any tips from people who have suffered from throat probs?

Do you have good and bad drip days?

Absolutely hating fibro today, so cold, nose bunged, back throbbing, shoulder struggling to lift, and fibro fog ive just tried to cook a cake on the defrost setting of my cooker! :roll:

rant over thanks xx
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Re: One sided post nasal drip! one sided fibro???

Postby masonsbarms » Sun Dec 16, 2012 6:11 pm

hi, i have always got the feeling of a bunged up nose and nose bleeds.

got some cream of the dr to use for 2 weeks it seems to be working with the nose bleeds but not the bunged up feeling, i also do get a sore throat quiet often but that has been put down to having such a dry mouth as when i wake im dry as sand even though i drink a pint of juice in the night,

i do think its all conected to the fm,

as for things being one sided thats not the case with me sorry but we all suffer difrently dont we.

take care and keep warm xx
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Re: One sided post nasal drip! one sided fibro???

Postby shazq » Mon Dec 17, 2012 6:16 pm

My pain is all over not just one sided.
I often have a sore throat and have the feeling that my nose is blocked but i dont come out in a cold i just get the symptoms, my flu jab each year stops me from getting colds/flu.

I also get a dry mouth which i put down to side affects from the meds.
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