anxiety ?

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Re: anxiety ?

Postby elfval » Fri Jan 11, 2013 3:09 pm

Hey mrsmurs!

So sorry to hear about your anxious feelings, it really is one of the most horrible feelings in the world.

I have suffered from it for many many years and it prevented me from living a 'normal' life, i was too scared to do anything. I became very depressed, and was precribed anti depressants. The ssri medicines such as prozac were very new at the time and I tried one after the other to find one that would help me. I discovered i was very susceptible to the side effects and they made me almost as miserable as the symptoms i was trying to treat!

I eventually found one that worked for me with minimal side effects, and took it untill i felt well enough to slowly stop.

I have been off them for 10 yrs now, and when I started to struggle with my anxiety again i was told that the meds i used to take are no longer available as turns out they are bad for your liver. I was prescribed beta blockers instead, they dont treat the causes of anxiety as anti depressants or CBT do, they treat the symptom of the racing heart and are a 'quick fix' taken as an when needed. I take them every morning when i wake up!

They have been a life saver for me and now i am able to do some voluntary work :-D

I hope the meds work for you, they will take time to start working. Each one affects everyone differently , and you may have to keep trying to find one that works for you. Good luck xx

PS have you tried cammomile tea? I find it very relaxing, sometimes i use 2 tea bags x
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Re: anxiety ?

Postby Pepperty » Fri Jan 11, 2013 11:11 pm

I'm a newbie (to forum, and also diagnosis) but I have found that my anxiety has been eased since I was prescribed amitrypline ( for sleep issues- low dose) I sleep far better, but as a side-effect - I havnt stressed over mild issues that used to crush me>? it wasnt obvious at first, but on examining, it really has altered. I feel much better :-D
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Re: anxiety ?

Postby Jules Robin » Mon Feb 18, 2013 4:46 pm

Hi Mrsmurs, I have suffered with anxiety disorder and panic attacks for many years. CBT helped a lot and I was fortunate to have an excellent therapist ( NHS) who not only had good skills, but also had real care and empathy. That was about 4 years ago and although I still have anxiety such as you described, I at least have more coping skills to try and put into practice when I start to get anxious and hopefully ease what's happening. My main symptoms are constant state of alert, almost phobic, and when I'm having a panic attack I have numb arms, legs; palpitations, tremor all over and I over breathe and think I am about to die. The fear is overwhelming, but Im sure you identify with much of what I'm sharing. My doc recently started me on Mirtazapine 15 mg at night to help me sleep better and to lessen my anxiety. Sleeping well now and it's giving me abit more energy,so helps fibro and I do think I'm slightly less anxious too. Still it's early days yet!
What is helping me relax is hydrotherapy which I've just started, so might be worth talking to your doc and the possibility of being referred. Hope you are coping better today and soon get the help you need. ps I have diazepam to take if I can't manage to halt the panic attack but doc is reticent in giving them. Take care Jules( Robin)
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