Back, Hip and Groin Pain

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Back, Hip and Groin Pain

Postby nordic50 » Sun Jan 13, 2013 4:42 am

Do not have fibro as such but do get a lot of severe nerve pain in lower back and legs

Have some lower back problems - brief summary of MRI scan -L4/5 and L5/S1 discs are degenerate with marked reduction in height of L4/5 disc and mild reduction in L5/S1. Small posterior disc protrusion in L4/5 and mild narrowing of lumber spinal canal. This is 1 year ago. Have constant back pain 24/7 but the last 2 months I have developed hip and groin pain, some days it is painful to walk on left leg and the groin pain is when leg is moving ( walking-getting up from a seat etc.) This pain is getting more and more painful. Have been tempted to call out GP but do not want to feel foolish. Do not have a regular GP (left), all there is now are trainees GP who are there for a few months and then gone. There is only 1 regular GP (my named GP) but getting to see him entails about 3-4 weeks waiting time as he does all the house calls. Medication is gabapentin (6x300) and co-codamol 30/500 x 8 and mitazapine at night. Have had the back pain for over 20yrs (had a bad case of osteomyelitis in lower spine, worst pain I have ever experienced). Pain had been controlled with medication which enabled me to get back into the workplace but the last year back pain returned with a vengeance so had to give up work, cannot stand up straight or walk very far now. I am a bit concerned about the hip and groin pain though. have had physiotherapy for back last year which helped a bit with other issues concerning my lower back but they have done all then can, am waiting to see pain specialist but again there is a waiting list. The worse thing for me not the pain I have to endure but having my children seeing me in pain and how it affects me. I know that my spine will not get better, only worse with age (am 51 yrs. old). are there better medication that I could recommend to GP when I see him in 3 weeks, will try anything if only to ease the pain more.

Any other recommendations would be appreciated as well.
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Re: Back, Hip and Groin Pain

Postby masonsbarms » Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:12 am

hi, sorry to hear things have got worse for you,

i get hip and groin pain dont realy know if its from oa in back and hips or fm.

but the gps cant realy say but i feal its the fm amplifying the oa, but im not a dr.

if you are im that much pain you are not being foolish to call a dr out and 3 weeks is a long time to wait to get some better pain relief,

i was on co codamols and am now on tramadol and they help a bit better but we are all so diffrend.

please try not to look to far into the future as its dosent help i have stopped doing this as it just made me more unhappy,

take it day by day .

hope you get some help soon.
take care xx
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Re: Back, Hip and Groin Pain

Postby Patched » Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:22 pm

Hi, I have some OA in lower back and periodic groin pain, and it's not always present, but like Masonsbarms I don't know if it's due to OA or FM . I've also recently prescribed Tramadol for pain, which hopefully will also improve quality of sleep. I'm learning not to assume that every pain and symtpom is neccesarily due to FM, and so don't ever be discouraged from repeat visits to your GP, or if pain is too bad for you then they should visit. It's a part of their job after all, and duty of care to their patients.
Also, whether male or female, groin pain can result from a variety of conditions. If current GP's treatment is not effective, could you ask to be referred to your local hospital for further investigations?
I hope you find some relief from your symptoms soon.
Best wishes
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Re: Back, Hip and Groin Pain

Postby *Lisa* » Wed Jan 23, 2013 9:28 pm


Assuming this is not fibro related as you have not yet a diagnoses and going on what you say...

I also have DDD / sciatica and problems with discs plus my spine has curved inwards. I also experience lots of pain in lower back/hips/groin and legs. For me this is associated woth my back problems. I also have severe back stiffness which also causes more problems on top.

I feel you may need another MRI as anything could have changed since last time if you have gottan worse. Physio doe help me to a degree but i need constant therap to help control it.

Not much can be done for nerve pain. I know of people having steroid injections and nerve blocks to help ease the pain from the lower back from these conditions. Some have morphine also.

I have codeine/physio and strong anti-inflammes.

Im not sure but regitrars in my surgery stay for a year for there training and i find them in most cases better then the GP's as there learning and want to learn so give you more time and listen and want to help... just a thought if you cannot always see your GP

If you feel you have fibro on top you will need to see about a diagnoses and this can be down by a rhumatologist.
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