FM & Mammogram

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Re: FM & Mammogram

Postby millymoodoo » Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:30 am

Flash wrote:Milly, I am also 47, 46 when called for the latest mammogram. They said they were doing a trial calling younger women as there is a rise in under 50s getting breast cancer. If the trial works and more younger women are helped, it will continue.

Hi Flash

Thank you for your reply!!! I was just wondering if you live in north Lincolnshire area as my mammogram was held in the local tesco car park lol!!! My sister lives in Leicester and she has only just been called for her 1st mammogram and she is 52, so was just wondering if it depends on the area you live in?!!!!

Millyxxx :-)
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Re: FM & Mammogram

Postby Flash » Sun Feb 03, 2013 11:39 am

Hi Milly, I live in Devon. I think Tesco carparks are used because of the space and it's a bit in your face, you can't ignore your invite if it's where you do your main shop. Only thing I hate is that everyone knows what your going in the unit for... My friend didn't appreciate coming out to her nieghbour shouting out "You got yer t..s out then?" Especially as they found a lump! I'm sticking to hospital visits.

The programme to start seeeing younger women was launched last year and is country wide. I suppose it takes time to get to every one even more now that they have put the numbers up.
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