Costochondritis - Rib Pain - Caused by air con in office?

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Costochondritis - Rib Pain - Caused by air con in office?

Postby firtyfree » Thu May 09, 2013 3:33 pm

Hi All

Does anyone have any experience with Costochondritis being caused by the office they work in?

I've had problems with an office I worked in before, and eventually got my company to move me to a different building. It was never diagnosed as Costochondritis but I suspected it at the time. In October last year we moved to another building and at first I felt it a bit, but it gradually went away, and in March I felt pretty much ok when in work and outside of work. Then at the beginning of April they started replacing the air con in the whole building, and I started to feel rib pain by the end of the day, and found it hard to move and hard to sleep. This continued for a couple of weeks, sometimes not being too bad, and sometimes being worse. Sometimes the office was quite hot, and I brought a humudity meter and it showed getting down to 30% rH, with temp at 27 degrees. Went to my docs and he diagnosed Costochondritis and I ended up taking 2 weeks off. I had the rib pain, but also felt totally washed out, and slept a lot of the 2 weeks. When I started to feel better last Saturday I decided I was well enough to go back to work on Tuesday this week. By the end of the day my ribs were hurting again, and I found it hard to sleep. I arranged to work from home yesterday, and felt better by the end of the day. I've gone into work today, but working on a different floor of the building. The humidity is 38% rH, and temp 22 degrees, but I'm starting to feel the rib pain again.

I've been wondering if the pain is being caused by low humidity but from what I've read on the net Costochondritis can be made worse by high humidty, but haven't seen anything about low humidity. My doctor did say that the dry air could be making my lungs have to work harder, which could be causing the costchondritis pain.

Does anyone on here have any experience with low humidity or air con causing/worsening costochondritis?

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Re: Costochondritis - Rib Pain - Caused by air con in office

Postby denys » Fri May 10, 2013 12:52 am

Sorry I worked in a lab and office with air con and it never affected my lungs or ribs :?: :?: :?: :?: I think you would have a very hard case trying to tie the two things together. The air con we had had a setting on it to control the humidity, if you think it is drying the air out too much put a bowl of water on the windowsill, or somewhere suitable and keep it topped up. Maybe if your costo starts to improve then you'll have your answer :goodluck1:

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