connected? maybe!

For all your questions and experiences of illnesses associated with FM e.g. thyroid, IBS, TMJD etc.

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connected? maybe!

Postby djclall » Mon Jul 01, 2013 10:44 pm

Hi fellow fibros :wave: :wave:

Just a general question really. I have recently met a lovely lady who lives very local and has just been diagnosed with fibro. It is so nice being able to talk to someone face to face of our everyday struggles, aches, pains and general state of mind. Anyway it transpires through chat and what not that we both worked at the same place. She actually took over my position when i was first signed off sick. This place of work was in the restaurant of a garden centre. We had to walk through all of the garden centre to get to the restaurant. Which got me thinking....Could it be that some sort of chemical is to blame for our illness?. I have not heard of this possible reason before. Has anyone else come to this conclusion or has there been any developments regarding chemicals as a possible way to start the onset of fibro?.

I know that i have been feeling tender to the touch as well as a majority of the symptoms for a fair few years before i was diagnosed (nearly 2 years) ie; CFS IBS memory problems (fibro fog) to name but a few.

I would be interested to find out if anyone else has come to this conclusion or if it is just myself and a now very good friend. Also forgot to mention that there was another lady who worked at the same place that was also diagnosed with fibro. But not sure when.

Take care all and soft hugs xx
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Re: connected? maybe!

Postby denys » Mon Jul 01, 2013 10:56 pm

The problem we face when trying to pinpoint what the trigger was is we cant prove it :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: it is quite possible that a chemical reaction caused your FM to trigger, no-one understands the condition enough to be able to give a definitive answer.

:goodluck1: on your quest I hope you manage to get some answers (by the way I was a chemist, so worked with a lot of chemicals including heavy metals and some other very nasty things, so would be very interested if you actually do manage to find anything)

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Re: connected? maybe!

Postby Diane64 » Wed Jul 10, 2013 3:21 pm

Myself and a friend were discussing this the other week, re work connections.. my boss was diagnosed a few years ago with fibro, 2 ex managers have just been diagnosed recently, team leader and myself has just not long been diagnosed and my friend also who works with me was diagnosed approx 2 years ago.

We work in the care sector though and not with chemicals.

We were thinking along the lines of people being more diagnosed recently due to better investigations/ awareness by doctors and is taken more seriously rather than finger pointed as being lazy/hypocondriac/mental health/ getting old etc

Also my sister has fibro, my other sister and mum displaying symptoms,i think alot of people for a long time has went without a diagnosis and just tried to muddle through, im glad i finally received the news i had it, only because i thought i was going mad when most doctors i went to told me it was stress, post related stress, anxiety, menipausal!!..

Di.. :-)
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Re: connected? maybe!

Postby whoami » Wed Jul 10, 2013 5:26 pm

As Denys is hard to prove what causes fibro.

It was concluded that an accident at work triggered my fibro. I agree.

To support your thoughts on chemicals.....I lived on a farm most of my life, exposed to many chemicals. The job I had at the time of my accident....I worked for a company that made animal drugs. I would be covered some days with ingredients. I was covered with iodine, my skin yellow under many layers, tyvek, rubber etc. making iosol. I also got a mouthful of euthanol, luckily there is an ingredient in it that makes you vomit. So there could be something in your question.

We could drive ourselves crazy wondering what caused this. We also could become a very paranoid society.

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Re: connected? maybe!

Postby FluppyPuffy » Wed Jul 10, 2013 8:01 pm

It is thought that a car accident that left me with a broken neck was the start of things for me, but I had got other things happening around me as well, plus a few more things that happened a bit further down the line, all of which may have been contributing factors. I did use to try and work out which exact factor was the cause of things for me, but it would just zap me of energy that I already didn't have, so these days I try not to think about it, altho it does still try to creep up and mug my thoughts now and again :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:

Whilst you may have an idea of what could be the trigger, it's virtually impossible to state categorically what the tipping point was as, for quite a few of us, there seems to have been a number of things happening in the run up to FM's emergence that could have all been part of the whole process.
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Re: connected? maybe!

Postby djclall » Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:49 pm

Hi :wave: :wave:

Thank you for the replies. Think that you are all right in trying not to analize the possible causes of fibro. It does do your head in tring to work out if it was this or maybe that or i wonder if that could have started it............................The list could go on and on. The more we dwell on it the least energy we have trying to fight it. Or live with it. Personally i have accepted the latter. I had a viral infection and was sent home from work as i worked with food and the public. Once the viral infection eventually cleared up that was when fibro kicked in. Even though i had signs before, as so many others have had, i just put it down to working myself to hard. But i have decided to accept it and get on with it as best as i can. I am sure everyone here is on the same wave length.

Take care all. And hope that this beautiful weather carries on. xx
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