Teeth, TMJD??

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Teeth, TMJD??

Postby Katblack » Tue Sep 17, 2013 3:35 pm

So, I went to the Dentist a few weeks ago, everything was fine, I didn't even need a clean up, then about a week and a half ago one of my teeth suddenly became sensitive to hot and cold, then I had a vague toothache, sometimes top left (where the newly sensitive tooth is), sometimes bottom left and sometimes bottom right!

I didn't go back to the dentist straight away because I felt like a prat going back to the Dentist and saying 'I have toothache but I don't know where' anyway this developed into full blown toothache over the weekend so I went back to the Dentist yesterday and our conversation has me a bit confused and wondering.

I told him what I have said above, about it being a bit vague, I thought it might be because of my pain killers masking it, he said often vague aches we can't pinpoint to a particular tooth can be a problem with the Jaw. He said he couldn't find anything wrong, past x-rays show my fillings are fine and it is probably my very back tooth (I don't have many teeth :oops: 21, 11 top and 10 bottom) as it doesn't have an opposing tooth anymore below it so is in effect a 'useless' tooth as I can't actually use it for eating, because of this it has sort of dropped down in the gum and has allowed food and an infection to get under it, he gave me Anti-biotics and said if it keeps reoccurring I would have to have it pulled out.

THEN, we were talking about my back, he knows I am on lots of Pain Killers and I had my crutch with me and was asking if it was my leg, I said no and told him briefly about my back - I have scoliosis, a curvature of the spine, have had 2 ops and 2 rods and lots of screws.
He then started to say the toothache could be to do with my back/spine and my head being out of line causing all sorts of Jaw problems including indeterminate toothache - SO, does anyone here know anything about this or had any experience??

I am on a lot of Pain killers but the pain is breaking through these and the only thing that really helps is OTC Ibuprofen which I am not really meant to take because of my stomach, I damaged the lining by accidentally OD'ing on the stuff a few years ago.
Kat x

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Re: Teeth, TMJD??

Postby mary251 » Thu Oct 10, 2013 6:19 pm

Hi Kat!

As Lisa says, you have a very good dentist. If you are clenching/grinding at night (bruxism), then the pain may not be coming from your tooth, but from the muscles in your jaw, as they are not only working during the day, but pulling the night shift as well! Do that for long enough, and anything will start to protest! Getting a mouthguard made could help, but it can cause further problems by encouraging your sleepy self to bite down harder when you sleep. On the other hand, it can also nip the problem in the bud and allow your jaw to relax while you sleep.

Typical symptoms of TMJ problems include:
- limited opening of the jaw
- pain in the jaw
- cheek-biting
- tongue-biting
- a "click" sound when opening the jaw

Your dentist will be able to give you a list of exercises to do to help you. If he doesn't, IM me and I'll send you a copy of the exercises we advise at my practice.

As for the tooth that has the infection, I suggest you buy a single-tufted toothbrush. Trim it so it's a bit thinner and poke it into the gum around that tooth. It'll smell a bit, especially if you have an infection, but it'll help.
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Re: Teeth, TMJD??

Postby whoami » Thu Oct 10, 2013 6:37 pm

I also suffer from TMJ. I won't get into the whole detail but the last specialist had me confused.

I have all the usual symptoms. The last time my jaw locked it was for well over a week. My jaw is out of alignment, strange but it is not like an overbite but it is sideways out of whack, you can see it well on xrays. At some point my jaw has been broken??? That shows on xray. Dr wants me to wear a guard when I eat, a different one when I sleep and then another all the rest of the time. 3 different guards. He also said I may have to have surgery. At that time my brain shut down because of overload, LOL. I haven't gone back . Does this make sense to anyone?

Sorry to take over the topic Kat, it seems like the same issues you have

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