does anyone have heart rate issues?

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does anyone have heart rate issues?

Postby marianne p » Thu Sep 19, 2013 4:45 pm

hi everyone,its been a long time i have been getting chest pain alot,very bad dizzy spells,been backwards and forwards to docs,my blood pressure was low and he said to stop beta blockers for a week,it was the worse week of my life i have never felt so ill,so i am back on beta blockers and new tabs for dizzy spells.still not a 100 percent,my pulse is iiregular and sometimes i notice it, the docs are moaning about all the meds i am on but i have borderline personality disorder too {bpd}.marianne p :crazy: :cry:
marianne p
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Re: does anyone have heart rate issues?

Postby moomoos » Thu Sep 19, 2013 5:06 pm

Hi, I've been worried about my heart for years with irregular beating, they kept on telling me it was my anxiety, then they said it could have had something to do with Citalopram,,,, they have had to lower that highest dosage of Citalopram because its causing irregular heart beat issues, I found out from my GP a couple of weeks ago, so they can no longer prescribe 40mg to anyone,as they used to do, not sure what the highest dose is now, but I know its certainly not 40 anymore.

My Rheumatologist ordered that I have a GP 24 hour heart monitor, which I had done this last Bank Holiday, after waiting since April!!! It came back normal, so my GP has now referred me to Cardiology for further investigations, as what ever is going on with my heart wasnt captured on the 24 hour recording. I felt no symptoms during that 24 hours, and it doesnt always do it, so my GP said they will try 48 or 72 hour recordings to try to get to the bottom of it.

I dont know what the heart thing is about with me, but I have had since 2004. I dont know if its anything to do with FM? or anxiety? or what? but my Rheumatologist wants it sorting out once and for all cos the stress of me worrying about it is causing my FM to always be worse as the stress is forever there in me. Thats just one stress I have, theres loads more, as I'm sure you all have too. But the more we can eradicate the better for our FM sympoms eh?
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Re: does anyone have heart rate issues?

Postby Tel1 » Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:39 pm

Hi There

I am not 100% sure if I have heart issues, but this might answer a few things for you:)) I sometimes notice that my heart feels like it has missed a beat, and yet my doctor listen to it and said it is actually an extra beat. But, another long story short, I kept on getting panic attacks and chest pains....and I was worried that it might be angina * and * so did the GP... so I was sent for a heart scan,
that came back normal, but I still kept getting it, so I asked to see someone else in the cardiac dept, and this time it was a lady doctor who listened to my heart, made me take in deep breath and hold my breath while she listened to my heart, she said all was fine!
However she then went on to say that she wanted me to go on the heart research programme.. she pointed out that this would be far more thorough than any A&E and that I would get on any ward in the hospital, so I said yes please, and she said right then we will proceed. I had to go to the hospital for a number of weeks for different tests, radio active dye put in me so it lights up the heart while they were scanning it, the next week it was an CT scan, and then another ultra scan, and right at the end, they said to me, now then the last part of this will let us know how you perform under stress, so it was the dear old treadmill !!! there were 3 television screens in front of me and I had about 30 wires attached to me, I started walking which they made go faster and harder I thought oh god, this is going to kill me, while this was taking place, I said I had a pain in my chest, but they said *no* keep going, no you haven't... so I kept going for about 15 minutes, then I said I can't do anymore, they said we are all watching you, so don't give up now, at the end they dragged me quickly off the treadmill and lifted me quick on a bed and continued scanning my heart when it was beating like mad, at the end I said .. do I have heart disease and they said no... I thought thank god for that, but they said you do have a hiatus hernia which can also mimic heart attack like symptoms, so now I know what it is... so ask you NHS department to put you on a heart research programme, then you will surely find out what is what:)) I am glad I did it as it was so thorough... If I take my blood pressure in the morning before I get out of bed, my pulse is only about 52- 54 and throughout the day it is only about 60-65 and the doctors say that is good....I don't take medication for Fibro even though they offered it to me, I am sure that all these drugs people take make them worse not better that can turn into a catch 22 situation....Hope what I have said helps :-)
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Re: does anyone have heart rate issues?

Postby whoami » Sun Sep 22, 2013 1:51 am

Tel1...I am glad that the Dr has found out what is wrong, a hiatus hernia. I also have one. I am sorry to say this but I would not suggest anyone doing a research programme to find a hernia. It could have been detected by a simple xray. I do realize that you were not looking for that but a heart issue. In fact I would not myself participate in that programme. I hope they informed you of everything involved. The radioactive iodine for instance. This is just my opinion, but I know the possible side effects of radioactive iodine. Most cardiologists here do the stress test and an echocardiogram as a routine check for issues. A CT scan is very inconclusive due to the heart moving so much.

I hope your heart rate stays good and they are treating your hernia. I agree with you that meds can effect our heart rate. I take one particular med and on occasion my heart has raced terribly because of it.

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Re: does anyone have heart rate issues?

Postby Tel1 » Sun Sep 22, 2013 11:04 pm

Ha Ha:)) what a state we are all in eh:)) I just can not believe the amount of different things we all seem to have with this
damn condition...sometimes I think to myself *god* what else is this Fibro going to do to me...I also really do think that a load
of us should get together and push the TV production companies to make a documentary on Fibro with us lot in it telling the
rest of the medical profession and the public who don't know what it's like to have this.... *but* when I took a load of leaflets to
my GP surgery about Fibro for them to pin up on the wall, the surgery management said, oh no! we can't have all this stuff plastered everywhere ... and you know why? because the GPs would have a surge of people saying, oh yeh, I get that, I get this, and when I went to a Fibro meeting the other day another person there said exactly the same thing happened to her when she took a few leaflets about Fibro... they were put in the bin by the GP at the reception... Isn't that outrageous :yikes: :yikes:
I still think that a lot of GPs just do not know enough about this condition nor do they want to.. as many people have said time and time ago... it's all in our heads and nothing else...When will this attitude be put right. Anyway forever onward:))) take care.... :-D
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Re: does anyone have heart rate issues?

Postby painprincess1 » Fri Oct 04, 2013 3:20 pm

my heart skips a beat and sometimes hammers then stops a sec then over beats . its nasty scary. u cant do a thing till it sorts it self out my dr told me to much tea and coffee will do it .it never happens when im at the dr .worse time for me in when im in bed xxxx
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Re: does anyone have heart rate issues?

Postby Bubsy70 » Sat Oct 05, 2013 12:47 pm

I have had a heart murmur since 1987, however about 4 years ago I was sat on the sofa watching tv and my heart started beating fifty to the dozen for no reason whatsoever. I felt blood rush through my body up to my head and then I blacked out. When I came round I had a belting headache but nothing happened after this. In the last couple of years I have been having fluttering feelings, palpitations where once again I can feel the blood rush to my head but don't black out. Sometimes my heart stops beating then starts pounding really hard when it does start again. I went to my gp as I was starting to worry, he referred me to a cardiac specialist and was wired up to a 24 hour monitor.

I had another appointment to discuss the results for him to tell me that from the results it does appear that my heart stops beating, but that is normal!!!!!!!!

Being overweight I don't think helps and have battled with that since having the kids and the contraceptive implant, but that is another battle I'm trying to sort out.
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Re: does anyone have heart rate issues?

Postby oldsheep » Mon Nov 11, 2013 4:51 pm

I've had missed beats and irregular heart rate since first falling ill, 25 years ago. In the early days it went too fast, more recently too slowly. Hormones can cause all manner of problems eg menopause (when I went for a 24 hour trace before I was put on HRT, the technician said "oh, not another menopausal woman"! )
My (now retired) gynae consultant said he had controlled his own irregular heart rate by taking omeprazole, a proton pump inhibitor, which helps if your vagus nerve kicks in from acid reflux. It really helped me. I have some to hand just in case although no longer take them regularly. Gut issues can really impact on heart rate. HTH.

I still have weird wiring and episodes of very slow heart rate, high bp and odd sensory symptoms & tension that Dear Doctors wrote up as "anxiety" (despite the 50bpm heart rate) - who knows what's causing it. I found the sunshine and outdoor swimming helped in the summer, but it's now more a problem with the lousy weather.
It's also linked to a runny nose, no idea why at all. We all have to live with such weird symptoms. :yikes:
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