Optic nerve swelling high blood pressure

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Optic nerve swelling high blood pressure

Postby Pinkprincess205 » Sat Sep 28, 2013 9:20 pm

Hi all
Had fibro for over 3 years but been getting a few more symptoms than just fibro stuff, so was making a symptom diary and was going to see my doc to see if I can be referred to neuro, but before I saw my doc I had been having a lot of eye pain and blurred vision which iv not had before so decided to see opticians to make sure i didnt need glasses. Well on wed I saw opticians everything fine until she looked at the back of my eye and saw optic nerve swelling so she said its a emergency case so rang hospital and got me in for the eye clinic the next day. So Thursday see eye clinic, eyes all ok but again still swelling he was trying to talk to a higher consultant to see what to do, so while waiting they did my blood pressure, well that was 191/135 so rushed over to AnE, have ECG, bloods, more eye tests, turns out I have high blood pressure, fast heart rate, temperature and optic nerve swelling and told to come back the next day for a MRI. So had MRI yesterday, brain all clear, no clots, tumours, or bleeding, so that's good. But they are unsure what is wrong, so being referred to neuro and need a lumber puncture. Then more investigation. So have to see my doc re being referred to neuro, but also going to ask if they will give me anything for the blood pressure, as don't think I should be left with such a high blood pressure until I get to see neuro.
So anyone else with fibro have high blood pressure or optic nerve swelling?
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Re: Optic nerve swelling high blood pressure

Postby Iceskatemum » Sun Sep 29, 2013 7:55 am

High BP was many years before dx with FM although have been having a lot of eye problems of late bluriness , lack of focus etc plus have had head ache for the last 10 days or so. Have to nurse on Monday morning as recently told I have prediabeties so am hoping to toalk to her about all my additional symptoms .

Good luck hope it settles
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