what's going on with my heart!?

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what's going on with my heart!?

Postby animeemo3 » Wed Oct 16, 2013 2:45 am

Okay, a little worried. I have had palpitations before and had a monitor, but they didn't find anything of major importance. Okay, fair enough. They've come back with a vengeance. Im getting them about 8 times in a minute, sometimes more. My other half has felt my pulse while these are happening (have been happening for about 5 days now) and he says he feels my pulse stop, then beat twice as hard. And that's exactly how I would describe it. It's non stop. No, I dont drink tea/coffee etc, I go out of my way not to consume caffeine (I thought this was the cause previously) it hurts slightly, but only when the strong beat happens, more pressure than anything. I dont want to see my gp, she doesn't listen, and neither of the others do. I can't change practice, its the only one near me and I have trouble getting to my docs as it is. Do I have cause for concern? I just want it to stop :(
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Re: what's going on with my heart!?

Postby AJay71 » Wed Oct 16, 2013 3:23 am

I'm so sorry that you are going thru this right now. Especially for 5 days in a row!
I too have experienced something similar on a number of occasions (years before my Fibro was confirmed)
I have colapsed to the ground with no warning ~ I have low blood pressure and palpitations. One GP actually put me on Betablockers!
They were Awful... seriously made me like a Zombie. I had to just stop taking them. I still have some episodes of palpitations and just last year these was a particularly bad bout and my husband paniked and phoned the NHS helpline but they just sent an ambulance. I was taken to hospital and because my ecg was ok they treated me like s***. I was due my pain meds and they wouldn't give me anything!

To cut a very long story short ... I signed myself out. It would appear some medical staff still believe fibro (and all our pains) are figments of our imagination)

I'm sorry I don't have any good advice. I hope you get some relief soon.
Gentle Hugs
Amanda x
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Re: what's going on with my heart!?

Postby Janna58 » Wed Oct 16, 2013 7:50 am

Hi. It sounds like you may be having runs of ectopic beats. I can get them as you describe. They get worse sometimes and then subside again. If you have already been monitored it's very unlikely to be anything to worry about. Anxiety does seem to make mine worse. Easily said but try to ignore them and they should go away again. They are horrid. You have my sympathy. Of course if they don't get easier you really should tell your doctor. Take care
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Re: what's going on with my heart!?

Postby bestnan » Wed Oct 16, 2013 9:50 am


You really need to go visit the local walk in center or A & E. Something like that should not be left or ignored. I have a condition called Cardiac Syndrome X which started with exactly the same symptoms. Very little shows up on the tests but I do have angina and ischemic heart disease. Please don't ignore it!!!!!
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Re: what's going on with my heart!?

Postby painprincess1 » Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:29 am

ive had them for years sweetie if your dr has said your fine then that's good my dr told me tea and coffee will make them worse.so cut down if u drink alot of coffee i also find it happens after i eat a big meal to.again i had heart monitors to everything was fine.it can freak u out cant it sometimes i have to just lay there and wait for it to pass.xxxx
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Re: what's going on with my heart!?

Postby fibro-lu » Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:47 am

I would definitely go back to GP
take your husband with you, they might believe you when he cames along and tells them too
don't just ignore it
and because you are having this now since a few days
the chances are good you have them when you go there today/asap
and they can feel it first hand
all the best :cow-wave: Lu
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Re: what's going on with my heart!?

Postby tallen60 » Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:55 am

I've had heart palpitations since I can remember - the dr said to stop ingesting anything with caffeine, so apart from the drinks this also included 'paracetomol plus' etc. Since doing this I rarely have these at all now. Please don't panic when one comes on stay as calm as possible and it will pass quicker.

Take care :nono:
Tallen60 xxx
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Re: what's going on with my heart!?

Postby sarahb99 » Wed Oct 16, 2013 12:20 pm

hi, i have problems with my heart too. same as you. i had an angiogram last year and nothing serious was wrong but i do have a fast pulse. resting is usually 110 to 120 beats per minute. it often feels like it stops and then bangs and goes again. its very scary but not dangerous. i have been put on rampril because one chamber doesnt pump properly but its nothing to worry about. i also get ectopic beats. sorry if this is confusing as im deep in fog today. xxx
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Re: what's going on with my heart!?

Postby Carrie Nourse » Thu Oct 17, 2013 12:20 am

Hi, I to have these problems with my heart, sometimes my pulse will suddenly stop and then re-start or it will start to beat really fast and can get painful and then I panic and it makes matters worse. The only thing to do is sit down and calm your breathing down until it passes. I too had an ECG but nothing adnormal found so I guess we have to learn to live with it but it can be very frightening as we always think the worst.
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