Extreme Tiredness

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Extreme Tiredness

Postby Ruzin » Wed Oct 23, 2013 8:02 pm

I know one symptom of Fibro is tiredness but this is getting beyond a joke now.

Even though I can sleep for 12 hours+ at a time I'm still knackered and tired. I have to push myself and consume energy drinks to keep awake. It's horrible being so tired. I never feel rested. I can't even enjoy my games much any more as I'm just always too tired to play them.

Anyone feel the same or know how to combat this?
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Re: Extreme Tiredness

Postby FluppyPuffy » Wed Oct 23, 2013 9:49 pm

It is an aspect of FM that we all contend with unfortunately :( :( :( Some have found taking various supplements can help with boosting their energy levels, and eating as well as possible may make a difference.

For some, vitamin and mineral deficiencies have been picked up during tests, and taking steps to ensure these levels are restored can help as well. Other conditions can also affect fatigue levels, such as diabetes or thyroid problems.

These discoveries tend to be made during things like blood tests, so may be something to consider asking your GP about.

Please be careful with the energy drinks, a lot of them have very high amounts of caffeine in them as well as other stimulants that increase heart rate and blood pressure, which can lead to irritability and anxiety in some. They can also be very high in sugar, often containing as much as can be found in a packet of biscuits. And whilst such drinks claim to provide a boost to mental and physical stimulation, these effects are quite often short lived. You may feel energized for an hour or so after finishing one, but then a couple of hours later the crash comes and may leave you feeling even worse than you were prior to the energy drink.

There are healthier alternatives to these drinks, incl
Green Juices and Smoothies
Dark green vegetables such as spinach, parsley and kale used in green drinks are a great source of B vitamins which the body requires for metabolism to run at its peak. If metabolism is high, the body is able to produce enough energy at a faster rate. As the best sources of energy are whole foods, high metabolism combined with a diet full of vitamins and nutrients should provide a decent amount of fuel for the day.
Green Tea
It contains a smaller amount of caffeine than coffee, and has many health benefits, including decreased risk of heart disease and cancer, which can help make it a suitable energy drink option. There’s also evidence to suggest that green tea helps improve mental clarity and performance, making it a great alternative to coffee.
Protein Shakes
Lack of protein can be acommon cause of fatigue. A high quality protein shake can help your body reach its nutrient requirement, but simply mixing a protein powder into a shake won't give you an energy boost. Protein requires carbohydrates to turn into a usable energy . Adding fruit, wheat germ or quinoa to a shake with protein from a powder, yogurt, milk or soy milk can provide a more sustainable energy boost.
Some claim that water is the world’s best energy drink. All metabolic reactions in the body happen in water, so as soon as someone starts to feel dehydrated, all metabolic reactions start to slow down, causing that sluggish feeling." Dehydration can be a major reason why a drop in energy is experienced. If plain water is boring, it can be spruced up by adding fruit slices or some blueberries or strawberries. The fruit provides some carbohydrates and B vitamins for an extra nutritional punch.
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Re: Extreme Tiredness

Postby Ruzin » Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:27 pm

I do have an under active thyroid but since being on the levothyroxine for over a year now my levels are normal according to the doctor. I also have never had any nutritional deficiencies found every time I've had a blood test.

As for energy drinks. I admit I am slightly addicted to them but am not as bad as I used to be. The most will be 2 a day as I'm not awake long enough to consume any more. I tend to always have one after waking up.

I have thought about green smoothies but the idea I'm not to keen on as they sound nasty. Don't get me wrong, I love my fruit and veg and obviously a lot of my diet consists of such due to being vegan but having tried tomato juice before and carrot juice I found them revolting.

And as for water. I can't stand the stuff. Has to be flavoured for me to drink it. And green tea. Awful stuff. Re Protein shakes I think the only route I could do is drinking more of the Alpro Soya strawberry milkshake cartons I get. I haven't had one for ages even though they're sitting there in the fridge.
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Re: Extreme Tiredness

Postby helen.whittaker.125 » Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:01 am

I get like this and have found just giving into it for several days helped me. Trouble is I come out of it after 3 days and nights of sleeping and then I'm straight back into insomnia till I hit complete exhaustion again. It's a vicious circle x

BB Helen xx
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Re: Extreme Tiredness

Postby prettypolly » Tue Jan 07, 2014 9:14 am

Hey there,
Just wanted to empathise with the fatigue and say that, although it doesn't work all the time, I do drink fruit/veg juices and smoothies to combat this. 1 x a qtr of a pineapple and 2 x golden delicious apples, along with spinach, cucumber, lime and celery, then smoothie up with 1 x qtr of avocado and some ice. The fruit turns the drink into a fruit flavoured smoothie, it's delicious!

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Re: Extreme Tiredness

Postby Lizzyear » Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:39 pm

I know how you feel with the fatigue! :( :(
I seem to struggle with this extreme fatigue! I only have to take about 15-20 steps and I feel as exhausted as if I have run a marathon!! :dogrun1: :sleep: :sleep:
This is soooooooooo :scream-1: frustrating! For someone who is a doer and not someone who likes to watch, it is very frustrating for me, it is probably the hardest symptom to cope with. As I can't remember life without pain, I've even got used to a walking stick and a scooter.
I hope you find someway to cope with your fatigue.
Gentle hugs.
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