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Low blood pressure

PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 2:01 pm
by Wackers34
Hi there

Does anyone have low blood pressure and if so how do you help this? My doc has told me to add more salt and drink more water, however I am doing that and its still low. Has anyone tried liquorice supplements and if so, did they help?

Its consistently around 90/60 sometimes 100/65 if im lucky...but it has been like this for 5 years even pre fibro


Re: Low blood pressure

PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 10:51 pm
by whoami
My blood pressure is consistently low. I seldom am 100/60. I have always been low. My Dr feels as long as I don't present new symptoms or a drastic change that this is ok for me. I have a monitor and now can tell before I do the test what it will read.

I would take your Dr's advice and if you are not comfortable with ih then ask for another opinion.

Re: Low blood pressure

PostPosted: Sun Dec 22, 2013 4:51 am
by zappa20
I'm with Whoami on this. My OH has a pulse of around 60 and blood pressure of 90/65 , but it's normal for him. Our GP said it would stand him in good stead. Even after someone smacked into his side of the car 3 years ago ( 2nd road accident not his fault). his BP was only 120/90 when checked by the ambulance crew.

What symptoms is it causing you? Your GP can prescribe medication for this if he thinks your symptoms warrant it. But they have side effects so he won't unless really necessary Sometimes wearing Support stockings or tights and raising the head part only of your bed by about 6 inches can be enough to help with some symptoms.

Re: Low blood pressure

PostPosted: Sun Jan 19, 2014 12:52 am
by karenc
I too have low bp. In some ways I am thankful and both my parents and my younger brother have high bp and are on medication. It doesn't help with the fatigue. I find a strong coffee helps. x

Re: Low blood pressure

PostPosted: Wed Feb 12, 2014 1:48 am
by Storm
Yep, also have 24/7 low BP.

Got asked many times by paramedics is there a reason its so low, and I have no answer lol.