Advice needed please

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Advice needed please

Postby robbiecramp » Sun Jan 19, 2014 6:04 pm

hi guys am fairly new here and was diagnosed with fibro Wednesday 15/01/2014 after months of pain and being totally drained and I put it down to work as I am a support worker and I work in residential units with mental health and learning disabilities and also transition residents who are ready to make the step into independent accommodation and this can involve working on sites and in the community and also sometimes working from home doing assessments and support plans. I have been off work now 3 weeks and have a meeting at work on Wednesday to see how I am doing I am presently using a stick and doctor was really good and did not express any concern with this as it was obvious I was struggling to walk. I am getting really tired beyond belief and know I have to limit my hours down whether can afford it or not as am in constant pain was checked for cfs and me and they came back negative but there was a colestral one that didn't show either low or high so got another one Thursday. doctors have been great so far just getting a appointment to see one that's problem. I have claimed PIP and would advise anyone claiming it once you have spoken and applied over the phone and received the application form contact CAB and even woman who took my claim suggested I do this as they have experienced advisors as people are making mistakes on the forms as they ask the same question 3 to 4 times in the form but in a totally different context to catch people out which is so unfair when it is obvious people are in great pain.
I am also finding I am forgetting things and I actually made a mistake on medication with not signing MARR sheets correctly as something was kicking off in the unit and totally forgot about it the client was ok but I am facing a disclipline and my boss who is really nice said she would not have took it to that but her boss said she had to and now he been sacked for not doing his job properly but I will be raising a issue on Wednesday that I will not be responsible for medication if it is possible but not definite that I can have memory lapses as that would put people at considerable risk.
I get pains severe in my knees hands and other places especially my feet and have been told it not arthritis so bit miffed with that as thought fibro was for ligaments, muscles and tendons, could it be MS.
my boss has been brilliant at work but deep down think she knows will not be able to do this job and cant offer me anything else as the travelling is to far and I don't drive and a colleague has told me once they say I am medically unfit to perform they would have to pension me off and payt for rest of my life which they would not like to do when they will try and convince me to go on my own accord

can anyone offer me some advice I also get very confused as well
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Re: Advice needed please

Postby denys » Sun Jan 19, 2014 7:45 pm

Hi Robbie I have split your post and put it on its own as I feel it will get lost if left on the other topic. Its really difficult to give advice about employment as different jobs entail different problems.

I would say hang on in there as long as possible so that you can get the best deal you can. I didnt know that CFS/ME could be diagnosed through a blood test??? anyway I'm sure others more qualified than me will be along soon to give you some good advice :goodluck2:

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Re: Advice needed please

Postby bandj » Mon Jan 20, 2014 7:45 pm

I agree with Denys that you should hang on in there.

Firstly, now you have a diagnosis you are protected under the dda. This means they have to look into changing your job role to keep you working.

secondly, you will get a better deal if your employer decides they have to let you go.

If your employer does let you go, claim Employment and Support Allowance. Cab will help with this too.

I would suhgest you see cab re your employment issues too as they are very clued up.

whatever happens, I wish you well.
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