A spin off Jodies topic, how many illnesses???

For all your questions and experiences of illnesses associated with FM e.g. thyroid, IBS, TMJD etc.

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A spin off Jodies topic, how many illnesses???

Postby whoami » Mon Mar 10, 2014 5:36 am

Jodie, I did not want to hijack your topic by asking more questions about how many illnesses we have. I hope this was right to start a new topic first.

We all seem to share a lot of illnesses besides fibro. I would like to know, of all the illnesses you listed, which 4 give you the most trouble?
If you could list those 5 in order of the most irritating please. Fibromyalgia may or may not be on the short list.

I am curious also to know if these other illnesses appeared before or after fibro. So, if you could say before or after the fibro I would appreciate it. Thankyou to all.

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Re: A spin off Jodies topic, how many illnesses???

Postby *Lisa* » Mon Mar 10, 2014 4:34 pm

Apart from fibro my main 4 other conditions/illnesses that cause the most trouble is:

Anxiety: I had this before fibro and been suffering since i was 14 thats over 20years now :shock: Iv had CBT (twice) councelling (once for 2 years another for 6 months) I find it gets agrivated by the pain and stress.

This stops me from being able to get around by myself out of my comfort zone so i am housebound alot. I cannot do shopping because of the crowds in the shops so mainly shop online and much more. I put this at the top as its just as dibilitating because of the impact it has on my daily life.

Costochondritis: This i got after a few years from fibro diagnoses. I get pain around my ribs and restricted breathing. The muscles from my neck get pulled by this also.

I remember not being abe to get out of bed for 6 months on a flare up of this and ended up at A&E several times because of the pain and struggling to breathe. I couldnt even sit as the muscles surrounding the ribs felt like i had bricks hanging from them :shock: The rib pain keeps me awake althrough out the night.

Muscle sprains and strains: Because of the severe stiffness all over i am constently pulling and straining muscles. This is mainly in my lower back and neck. Just a sneeze can strain a muscle. When one *goes* i am bedbound 24/7 cannot move without being in agony and screaming in pain. Takes up to 3 weeks to recover from each one.

Angeodemia/Chronic Hives: Again after diagnoses. Any pressure on my skin (waist bands/hard seats/leaning on anything) causes huge hives to break out. There painfull and hot and itchy like having blisters/nat bites. I am constantly aware of anything that sets it off. I have to watch what i sit on, how i lay/sit, what clothes i wear and it causes me so many problems when using a walking stick as my hands break out in hives. The angeodemea causes my ankles/feet to swell so i cannot put my feet on the floor :roll: every morning i wake up and my face is bloated, eyes puffy and lips swollen! (some people pay to have those lips lol) i am not looking forward to summer when the bees and wasps are around as it could be fatel for me :shock: last summer in a panic when a wasp was following me i had a nasty fall as wasnt concentrating on my walking, more worried about gettin away from the wasp and ended up on the floor causing cuts/bruises and all sorts of injuries :crazy:

Last one is TMJ: I wake up each morning feeling like iv been chewing on a brick all night long (thats with a mouthguard!) My jaw is stiff and the headaches are awful and feel like iv a hang over. The jaw spasms alot and need it malnipulating often. It causes facial pain and my ears to buzz and dizziness.

oops just noticed i put 5 :shock: :oops: oh well... :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: A spin off Jodies topic, how many illnesses???

Postby babymable » Tue Mar 11, 2014 3:04 am

I was just recently diagnosed with Fibro but I think I have had it for years. Here is my list

1). Bulging Discs - I can't stand longer then a few minutes without my back being in severe pain. I have had back problems for around 4 years now but was finally diagnosed with bulging discs in December. The pain in un real and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I am on Butrans Patches 20 mg but they don't do anything for the pain.

2). At the moment #2 is pain in my feet, ankle and knee. This has gotten much worse the last few months and when I mentioned this to my doctor along with a few other symptoms is when she finally diagnosed me with fibro. So she thinks this is Fibro related. My feet, ankle ad knee throb and feels like it's swelling up and in a lot of pain. The pain in pretty much constant but more painful when standing.

3). Fatigue, Sleep problems & Restless Leg Syndrome. To me everything has just hit me very hard the last 2 months. Nothing has really changed in my life other then all these symptoms getting worse. I always had a sleep disorder since I was 14, its very hard for me to get to sleep and when I finally do it's hard for me to stay asleep. The slightest movement/noise and I am wide awake. Again the last 2 months it has gotten worse and I know feel like a zombie during the day. I constantly yawn and I feel so drained and tired. I am falling asleep while typing, while watching tv, I have even fell asleep while walking lol Within 2 hours of getting up I am napping as I can't keep my eyes open.

4)Depression - All the symptoms are really getting me down. I am losing my temper a lot easier lately and I am having more break downs. I am getting really depressed with not being able to do the normal things I use to do.

4). My speech and concentration - Although not painful it is causing me problems. I feel like I have become dyslexic somehow. I use to be a amazing speller and typist but now I can hardly spell a sentence without having lots of errors. As far as concentration I have little to none as well as my short term memory it gone out the window. I feel like I am losing my mind.

5).Stiffness and pains in other parts of my body - The mornings I am quite stiff or if I sit for more then half an hour. I need my partner to literally grab my hand and pull me up off the sofa because I feel my legs will snap from bending because I feel that stiff. My arms are very heavy and it's a struggle to try and do my makeup or hair. Having my arm up for more then 10-15 seconds is a struggle and it feels like lead.

Although I had all the problems before I was diagnosed with Fibro I do think they are related especially as since I am having a major flare and all these symptoms have gotten worse.

I also have asthma, IBS, restless leg syndrome, public anxiety disorder

lol just realized I have 2 number 4's shows you my mind is going lol
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Re: A spin off Jodies topic, how many illnesses???

Postby Cheltz » Wed Mar 12, 2014 8:49 am

1) Dysautonomia with Pots. I was diagnosed with this approx 1 year after fibro diagnosis but had symptoms for a lot longer. Pots effects the autonomic nervous system which is responsible for everything you do without having to think about it. Like breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, digestion, vision. Every time I stand up my heart rate increases to over 150 beats min within 2 mins, my breathing gets erratic and difficult, my vision gets blurred and dimmed, my whole body shakes, and if I should continue to stand I pass out. It causes daily migraines, stomach cramps, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, slurred speech and nerve pain. This condition has resulted in me being wheel chair bound, some days bed bound, losing my job, being unable to drive anymore and unable to leave my house without supervision.

2) Discoid Lupus. I was diagnosed with this at the same time as fibro diagnosis. It is a auto immune disease and my immune system attacks my own body causing painfull skin lesions, hair loss, fatigue and swollen and painful joints.

3) arthritis, caused by the lupus. Diagnosed approx a year ago. Its Mainly in my hands, neck and back. Causes chronic pain and stiffness. Makes sitting for long periods of time unbearable and use of my hands is limited.

4) Fibromyalgia. Diagnosed approx 2 years ago. Causes chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog, etc etc.
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Re: A spin off Jodies topic, how many illnesses???

Postby Lyssie » Sat Jul 26, 2014 1:34 pm

Heart Ectopy and Tachy
SIJ bone spurs
My bladder/Mitrofanoff
Mental health

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Re: A spin off Jodies topic, how many illnesses???

Postby ..:: lisa ::.. » Sat Jul 26, 2014 4:16 pm

Chronic fatigue syndrome
Hemiplegic migraine

the order often changes and sometimes other things become more irritating and would get added to the list, though often its a symptom from an illness/disorder that is more pronounced like some days my speech and fog will be the most irritating thing other days it might be dizziness
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