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PostPosted: Sat May 10, 2014 8:00 pm
by Theresa34
I was diagnosed with fibro in Feb. After being tested for tender spots and reading more about it online, I am happy that this is definately what I had. I looked up poly myalgia today and it looks like I might have that. I have the symptoms such as painful stiff shoulders, neck and thighs. Apparently this condition is rare in under fifties, I am 34. Another condition associated with polymyalgia is giant cell arteritis which my mum has recently being diagnosed with. Symptoms include headaches, neck pain and jaw pain when chewing. She only had the neck pain and headaches. But I have jaw pain.

My thigh pain, neck pain and shoulders and upper arm pain started same time as the bad jaw pain, maybe three weeks ago or so. I am wondering whether it could possibly be poly or is it all fibro. I see my nurse on Tues next week, so I will check in with her about this too x