Swollen gland due to infected wisdom teeth or Fm

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Swollen gland due to infected wisdom teeth or Fm

Postby Nicola28 » Sat Jul 26, 2014 12:45 pm

I have swollen glands on left side I have had problem with an infected wisdom tooth it was removed last year but she cudnt get the roots out & I need an operation to remove it which I'm petrified of since I had severe pain after her taken it out for about 8 weeks , so now it's constantly getting infected & I can't distinguish weather it's FM making me feel so awful this last week or this dental problem :( I hate wen there's something else wrong with u with FM coz it can go un noticed coz u put everything down to my FM

Kinda at my wits end going on hols in 2 weeks to Spain n I feel like cancelling :(
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Re: Swollen gland due to infected wisdom teeth or Fm

Postby pvbyford » Sun Aug 03, 2014 8:04 pm

hi Nicola,

Sorry to see your suffering like this, sounds awful for you. Its probably a mixture of both thats making you feel so awful, an infection and discomfort makes you feel fed up and hurts then that almost helps the fibro react and give you more fatigue, general unwell feelings etc. You shouldnt cancel your holiday, make sure u get plenty of anti biotics to keep fighting the infection and try go enjoy your holiday could do you the world of good. :)

Also i wanted to say i constantly have infections in my mouth not dental just in my mouth and have had many tests why my glands get swollen with them and so far they are completely stunned.wondered whether fibro is playing apart in it for me and yourself?

sending big hugs
Lots of love


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