Extreme Pain in Ribs and arms

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Extreme Pain in Ribs and arms

Postby Libby Clark » Sun Oct 26, 2014 10:39 pm

Hello Lovely people,

Well I am back again with more questions and the need to let off steam/ explain what's happening and see if anyone has any suggestions.

Over the last month I have had EXTREME pain in my left hand side ribs and it doesn't seem to be easing up at all. I have taken my meds as always, I do have Chronic Degenerative Disc Disease so take every day the following meds

8 Paracetamol
8 Tramadol
2 Fluoxetine
3 Propanalol
3 Ametryptalyne
1 Bendroflumethazide
1 Omeprazole

And Oramorph always at bedtime and sometimes in the day for breakthrough pain.

Oh and a partridge in a pear tree, well Christmas is on the way!!

It is so painful it stops me in my tracks, just like someone stabbing me, I had the same pain in my right hand side earlier in the year and after checks, scans etc they told me they think it is "just" my FM. No help at all.

It makes me lose my breath and I have to be very careful how I move as it feels like if I move wrong it could send my back into spasm and as I have spent time in hospital with that in the past and know how horrible it is.
I know I could go back to my GP but they are less than useless and just seem to say I should learn to put up with it.

My family are great but I know that my husband gets a little weary of me moaning and groaning each time I hurt, but it catches me so off guard, my arms and hands are very painful my joints hurt and the muscles are very painful, if I squeeze my arms anywhere it feels like my bones are bruised, the best way I can describe it.

Hot showers, massages, bio freeze bel and aromatherapy just doesn't make any difference.

I feel so low and fed up with myself, I do make an effort to go out and do things but then pay for it by being so exhaughsted and tired all I do is sleep, and this is wearing thin with my husband.

I am just so tired all the time, I can get out of bed and within an hour I am falling asleep again, any suggestions anyone.

Many thanks for reading my post xxx
Libby Clark
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Re: Extreme Pain in Ribs and arms

Postby sylviahughes » Tue Oct 28, 2014 5:21 pm

hello i just read your letter and thats all the pains i have have had bad back for years and fibro for 4 years the tablets do nothing for so only take ones at night but on a really back i do have to give in and take them .
and yes it's had for the husband as they dont know what to say .
hope you get this and hope you feel just a bit better som :lol:
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