Colds & sickness bugs

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Colds & sickness bugs

Postby AliciaJane » Wed Oct 29, 2014 12:14 pm

Hey I've been recently diagnosed with FM I just wanted to know if anyone's suffers really bad when getting colds and sickness bugs? And always seems to be able to catch every cold and bug out there?
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Re: Colds & sickness bugs

Postby Amberk » Wed Oct 29, 2014 1:34 pm

Hi, I actually rarely catch colds or bugs.
But yes when i do even a simple cold hits me like a tonne of bricks. Everywhere aches and my body will feel like lead for days and days it feels worse than a really bad flu.
Probably not been much help, but I know how you feel.
Gentle hugs.
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Re: Colds & sickness bugs

Postby FluppyPuffy » Wed Oct 29, 2014 2:24 pm

:welcome: to our little FibroFamily Alicia Jane :cow-wave: :cow-wave:

For a good number of us, when something like a cold or other lurginesses strike, it's not unusual to find that it hits you harder than what you may have experienced previously, and also that recovery can take longer than what it might have done in the days preFM. The general thinking behind this is that it happens because our systems take such a battering when trying to deal with FM and/or other conditions that we may also have, so when the cold and flu lurgies invade, our somewhat compromised systems have even more of a battle in trying to kick its :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon:
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Re: Colds & sickness bugs

Postby iblinkin » Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:04 pm

Hi AliciaJane, I myself had the same problem for what seems like forever (Literally decades). A Dr. had me take vitamin D in 2008 to raise my levels and now rarely ever get as much as a cold.

I think i may have had 2 colds last year and for me that's incredible as i was always sick every year for months on end. I am taking D drops as they are more effective than the pill form as we don't absorb the pills like the D drops and you can put it in your water or what ever you wish.

Good luck and hope you feel better. :-D
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Re: Colds & sickness bugs

Postby Theresa34 » Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:13 pm

I've had flu once since diagnosis & treatment. I felt the same crappiness as usual. No change there. I've managed to miss the sickness bug for a year and a half thankfully. I do worry how it will affect me, especially as I wouldn't be able to keep anything down like my meds.
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Re: Colds & sickness bugs

Postby SianneArtarian » Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:32 pm

I used to get sick a lot, I can't say exactly when I got Fibro as now when I look back I recognize I had symptoms long before I realised something wasn't right, but since I have been diagnosed and treated for it, I never seem to get sick which is very odd. I do feel sometimes that I have the cold coming on, blocked nose, sore throat or shivery, and I prepare to be floored with it but the next day it has always gone away. I can't really explain it, I was just saying this to my brother last week as he has Chron's Disease and they are treating him with immuno suppressants which he is very anxious about. I even managed to avoid Fresher's Flu at Uni this year when it was hitting everyone really bad - being cooped up in a room three times a week with 169 other people carries a high risk of being infected lol. It makes me wonder when we have had Fibro for a while do we not notice things like the cold or do we overcompensate and not notice we are sick? I tend to think something is Fibro rather than look for an outlying cause now but I still think I'd notice if I had a cold or flu, it's bizarre! I am on Amitriptylene, CoCodamol, Diclofenac and Lyrinel. When I had my last flare up I also took calcium supplements to help with restless leg but haven't taken them for over a year, none of the meds I take should affect my immune system to the best of my knowledge.
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