claudication ...?

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claudication ...?

Postby Joanne C » Mon Nov 10, 2014 7:18 pm

heya, does anyone else have symptoms of Claudication? Is it just part of Fibro, or something else ...??? just wondering as i have it, very, very bad and wondered if it was worth going docs again ... (i went before, mentioned it, was told to stop and rest when it hurt, then carry on!! which i was doing already ....) ta

PS: Claudication, literally 'limping' (Latin), is a medical term usually referring to impairment in walking, or pain, discomfort or tiredness in the legs that occurs during walking and is relieved by rest.[1][2] The perceived level of pain from claudication can be mild to extremely severe. Claudication is most common in the calves but it can also affect the feet, thighs, hips, buttocks, or arms.[1] The word "claudication" comes from the Latin "claudicare" meaning to limp. - from Wikipedia
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Re: claudication ...?

Postby zappa20 » Mon Nov 10, 2014 9:14 pm

The term claudication from a medical point of view is normally refers to reduced capability as. Result of either vascular disease, eg narrowing of arteries supplying blood to muscles, or some form of nerve impingement eg spinal stenosis, trapped nerve from a bone spur or prolapsed disc . Did your GP diagnose either of these, or do some checks to establish if this was what was causing the problem. Or did he say it was due to Fibro mimicking these similar symptoms?

If it is due to either vascular or nerve impingement, and it has got worse, you need to see your GP. If you've no idea what is causing it, you probably also need to see your GP to rule vascular and nerve impingement out.
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