Is thyroid, hormones, depression and HMS the problem?

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Is thyroid, hormones, depression and HMS the problem?

Postby Fairytaz » Wed Jan 07, 2015 12:15 pm

Hi everyone

In my quest to search for ways to help my fibromyalgia and other stuff including depression and found that the Americans have found that thyroid treatment could help even if low thyroid doesn't show up on blood tests.

Recently, I've had a huge flare up of symptoms, I can barely function at all despite whatever frame of mind I have. The doctor has said I have depression as well. She asked me to write symptoms down and I wrote one about menstrual cycle and weight gain or hard to lose weight. Basically, when I first started periods I had a really heavy periods, my mother and sister had the same and sister diagnosed with PCOS. Now, I have only 4 periods a year, I don't take the pill anymore at all after being on them for years. I stopped the pill a year and a half ago.

My theory is, even though my fibromyalgia is genetic and I have many other things connected and disconnected from that, could it be that I have a hormonal and thyroid issue that might seriously help the fibromyalgia? Can you still have a thyroid related problem in fibromyalgia even if the blood tests come back "satisfactory"? Although, thinking about the hormonal side, I took the pill from ages 13 to 24 and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at aged 18 and had hypermobility syndrome diagnosed at 21.

So to summarise, thyroid in blood tests negative, heavy periods when younger, then hardly any periods then symptom flare up, weight gain and even stopped eating due to breakdown doesn't help weight.

Is this thyroid and / or hormonal? Can I get treatment in the UK for thyroid if I have fibromyalgia and my thyroid levels are normal?
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Re: Is thyroid, hormones, depression and HMS the problem?

Postby denys » Wed Jan 07, 2015 2:20 pm

Thyroid treatment can cause other health issues and so I dont think you would get it if your bloods are within the normal range, I know there has been talk of the usual blood test not showing thyroid problems up and there is a second type that is needed not sure think its something to do with T4 levels :?: :?: :?: :?:

Weight gain is usually down to a the tablets we take and b not being as active, depression can cause weight gain also.

Not eating wouldnt help with long term weight loss as the body goes into starvation mode.

I dont believe depression causes fibro but I think fibro can cause depression and if you are suffering with depression and fibro then the depression will make fibro worse as it feeds of stress

Hope this make sense :!: :!: :!:

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Re: Is thyroid, hormones, depression and HMS the problem?

Postby whoami » Wed Jan 07, 2015 5:36 pm usual your post makes total sense.

I suffer from depression due to the fibro as many do. As my Dr put it, almost all patients who suffer from a chronic illness, trying to deal with it gets deoression.

Many drugs cause weight gain and again many of us have had issues at some point of our journey.

I have not heard of anywhere in the US that treats fibro through thyroid meds. I have no thyroid due to cancer. My thyroid medication has made no difference in the fibro. Yes Denys there are many blood tests for your thyroid the T3 and T4 being two. If you took thyroid med if your levels were fine then it would throw out so many other areas within your body I would think.

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Re: Is thyroid, hormones, depression and HMS the problem?

Postby Theresa34 » Thu Jan 08, 2015 6:29 pm

I have an underactive thyroid for which I'm taking pills for. I cant see the sense in wanting to take them if your levels are normal. I doubt any dr would treat you. My thyroid issue was diagnosed when I had a blood test due to my periods going wacky. Once I started the meds, it returned to normal. The only time I've had weight gain was due to over eating. I'm not currently overweight.
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Re: Is thyroid, hormones, depression and HMS the problem?

Postby Queenie_70 » Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:09 pm

When I lived in the States I had a T4 performed on a number of occasions, one was when they were trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Unfortunately, my thyroid is great and my a$$ is from eating and not moving. I move when I can now, but the pain can take that away for days.

When I was diagnosed with Fibro it was an American Rheumatologist who came up with the answer, but my thyroid was never the issue. I have severe depression, finally diagnosed at 22, but suffered from about 14, again, not linked to the Fibro, but certainly exacerbated by the pain et. el.
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Re: Is thyroid, hormones, depression and HMS the problem?

Postby Fairytaz » Fri Jan 09, 2015 2:32 am

Thanks everyone for this advice. I'm not sure which thyriod tests my doctor did but I'm sure that's fine so most likely not the problem.

I did take a break from all meds to see if there was any side effects as I can never remember what is and isn't normal and it may helps my weight. Plus, the meds I'm on have a side effect of suicide tendencies. This didn't help any symptoms i was having unfortunately and this includes my weight. I am driven to get over this and the type of person who keeps trying and moving. My husband walks me 1.4 miles even while I'm feeling horrid at the moment, still no change and I'm eating regular now and no snacks.

What's odd is that to my knowledge, the symptoms flared up and my constant exhaustion and brain fog and not being able to move despite my will to do so then led to depression because those keep me from doing the stuff I used to and being myself. There has to be something else I swear. I even visibly look Ill. Grey pale skin, dark under eyes.

What about hormones? Could that be a factor? Apologies for the above rant there haha it's just so debiliting
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