blood tests

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blood tests

Postby jess0465093 » Sun Jan 18, 2015 8:58 am


I'm looking for some advice or similar experiences. I gave birth 11 months ago and had a pretty shoddy time. I list 3 litres of blood and had some issues with not being able to pass urine and had a catheter for 2 weeks.
I seemed to get better after an about 2 months if issues.

I started back to work in September. This was a job that was originally meant to be 24 hours a week. . However in realistic terms it is over 40 hours for the same pay (that's teaching for you)!!!

Anyway, from about the 2nd week in September I have been ill with viral infection.
In October had antibiotics for a chest infection. In December I had a few days of work as I had suspected viral meningitis. Then I had Xmas holiday, where I had about a grand total of 3 days where I didn't feel ill. Anyway the last week of holiday the virus came back and I spent most of the week in bed. The paramedics were called as my heart rate was 140 and temp 39.6. Anyway doc gave me some antibiotics incase it was bacterial and a well of work. This week has been my first week back, by Friday I was awful again - called in sick as heart rate 130 and temp 39.2. The doctor decided to do some blood tests because of these viruses coming all the time. Turns out I'm very anemic, my thyroid is low and my kidney function is low. I'm worried and scared more about the last one. I know anemia is rubbish, but it can be sorted easily. I just wondered if you had any advice or similar experiences?

I feel so tired, I have an 11 month old, Working 40 hours a week, a boss who sends me to do lists with over 20 jobs on and now all these new health worries on top of fibro and oa in knees and spine.

My husband is the best, so supportive and wonderful. I just keep apologising to him because all he ever sees is me ill. When we go together I was well and fit, then I had an accident - cue fibro and everything else.

Any advice would be great, I feel like I'm about to have a nervous breakdown!
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Re: blood tests

Postby denys » Sun Jan 18, 2015 2:24 pm

I think you need to see what happens once you have a treatment plan in place for all of your issues, you may find you start to feel better quite quickly and your health will improve releasing some of the stresses you have been experiencing

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Re: blood tests

Postby jules50 » Sun Jan 18, 2015 5:25 pm

Used to teach ,24hours definitely means 48 hours, plus I've also need rapid pulse investigating with this virus. So thoughts going out to you that you get sorted out soon.x
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