Leg problems/fed uo

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Leg problems/fed uo

Postby Gilly52 » Sun Jun 07, 2015 3:27 pm

Two weeks ago, bank holiday Monday I ended up in A&E , at my nearest large hospital (60mile round trip) , I felt very feverish with a temperature of 39.6C, aching calf muscle, with a red tender patch on my leg, so I thought a DVT, the unit was busy but I was seen by a GP and had my bloods taken within the hour, but then had to wait for 2hours for the blood results from the lab, Dr was not sure of a DVT, said I needed an ultrasound scan to diagnose that properly, no scanners working.....as it was bank holiday, so all he could offer was a shot of Heparin (blood thinner) in my stomach to protect me overnight, then back next day for the scan, and a high dose of two antibiotics for 7 days.
Next day I duly went back at the appointed time for the scan, thankfully it confirmed there was no clot....but it was an infection....cellulitis, take the full antibiotic course and see a GP in 7days. The next day I was booked into theatre for a cystoscopy....well that got cancelled due to my infection.....been on the list for 6 months, grrr !
Saw the GP after the full course of antibiotics, he felt it had cleared, but felt happier to give me more antibiotics to keep in reserve incase the symptoms returned.
Well yesterday my leg niggled on and off, by this morning, I have had to resort to,starting that dose of antibiotic again as my leg was painful,when I got up.

Has anyone had problems with Cellulitis ? It would be good to hear your comments, as I hope this is not going to become a recurring problem,....think we have enough symptoms with fibro ! I must add I have eczema on both my legs, which is probably not helping the matter, i was told to,use my steroid cream 2Xdaily, whilst I had the infection.

Sorry for the moan...on a sunny Sunday afternoon. :(
Hope everyone are having a painfree day as possible.

Gilly. X
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